Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


12. Scene 12

  Freya an Ariadne are in the middle East, about to enter a massive, plain, concrete building. They go in and Freya gives her bag to be searched. As one goes to search Ariadne, she pulls a face then flips out her wallet saying she’s part of SIS. Freya gives her a soar look. They then check in at the desk.

Women at desk- Hello, how can I help?

Ariadne- We have an appointment with General Gateshead.

Women at desk- Your name please?

Ariadne- Lucy Walsh and Mary seacomb.

Women at desk- Twentieth floor, third door on the right.

Ariadne leaves towards the escalators.

Freya- Thank you.

Freya catches up.

You know we’re supposed to be a secret service?

Ariadne- I had no idea.

Freya- That explains why you just flash your identity to everyone.

Ariadne- I’m not going to wait around for some buffoon to search me, and anyway, I want some protection.

Freya- What do you mean?

Ariadne- It’s dangerous out here.

Freya- You’re carrying a gun?

Ariadne- Temporarily babysitting.

Freya- Temporarily babysitting.

Lift open and they get in. There’s an elevator man.

Elevator man- What floor?

Freya- twenty.

They stand in silence for a moment. Freya has a look of thunder.

Ariadne- You really need to learn anger control.

Freya- You? You said that?

Ariadne- I know, why don’t we go together? Make a day of it, champagne, picnic, Hyde park.

Freya- The day I take you seriously.

Ariadne- Yes?

Freya- The end of that sentence shall remain unfinished.

Elevator man- Twentieth floor my ladies.

This time Freya strides out, Ariadne give him a generous tip.

Elevator man- Thank you, madam.

The elevator closes and they walk up to the Generals door and knock. From inside the General answers.

General- Come in.

They enter. The General stands up and shakes their hands.

General- Ah, Ladies. Welcome, I trust you’re well?

Freya- Very well, thank you. I’m Mary and this Is Lucy.

While Freya is speaking, Ariadne is walking about the room looking.

Please don’t mind her.

General- That’s okay, I have nothing to hide here. Take a seat.

Freya- Thank you.

Ariadne flops down. Freya and the General follow.

General- So, what can I do for you ladies today?

Ariadne- Tell us about STARBROKE.

General looks uncomfortable.

General- That’s really classified.

Freya- Okay. What about the people who are allowed access or know about it?

General- That’s really classified.

Ariadne- Please. You don’t know the first thing about classified. We’re at a higher level then you, mate.

General- Sorry? Who are you?

Freya- Ignore her please.

General- When Coburn organised this, he didn’t mention anything about who you were or what I could and couldn’t tell you.

Freya- Your contact is Thomas Coburn?

Ariadne- Alex. Alex Coburn is his son. Listen, Gateshead, we are from the SIS and looking into a case that has relevance to your little project. Who is allowed to access it?

General is still for a moment then goes to a filling cabinet and leafs through.

General- Myself and five others. That’s not including people above me, you need to keep that in mind.

Ariadne- I’m to presume everybody above you is able to access it?

General- Yes.

He brings five files to the table and opens the first one. It has a picture of a woman and a data sheet about her.

This is Vanessa Forlong. She’s a scientist. One of the people in charge of the whole project.

Freya takes the file. The General opens another one.

Michael Leigh. Part of Forlong’s team.

Opens the rest of the files.

General Headsbite, Jacob Grace and Mark gradewell.

Ariadne gets out her phone and takes photos of each person, sending them to HQ.

Mean anything to you then?

Ariadne- Not yet.

Freya- We’ll take these.

General- I can’t let you take them from this room.

Ariadne is leafing through one of them.

Freya- It’s imperative.

General- I cannot put these people in jeopardy. I have a responsibility to-

Ariadne- It’s all crap anyway. I mean, who the hell is called Fanny Headsbite?

Freya- Ariadne.

Ariadne- Wrong. This guy.

Freya- Guy?

Ariadne- Meh.

 Freya- Disregarding names, we need this information.

Ariadne- (Closes file). We can wait for headquarters, then come back when we need them. Right now we have a meeting we have to get to.

Ariadne puts the file back on the table and looks at the General.

I assume the files will be here when needed.

General- Of course.

Freya- Meeting?

Ariadne- Thank you for your time. 

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