The Life Of Lillie Cullingworth

Lillie Cullingworth and Zayn Malik were best friends. But Lillie had to move to Australia when she was 14. They lost touch then. She gets a scholarship for a local college in London. What happens when Zayn goes to the same college? Find out in The Life Of Lillie Cullingworth. (One direction not famous)


2. chpt. 2



    ***Lillie's POV***


     First day in college! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!  Okay my first class is drama, next is art, then creative writing!!!! Okay lets do this poo! I walked into my first class and sat behind a dude that had his hair in a quiff. Da fauq? This guy looks a lot like zayn. No no it cant be! Okay this is starting to get creepy. Oh and when I say Zayn I mean Zayn Malik from one direction, we used to be best friends. Whatever not like he left for the X factor and never said bye to me. Oh wait he did ugh nevermind you dont need to hear my sob story. Anyway we were just introducing ourselves. Okay so blonde dude Jake. His twin Joseph or Joey. Blonde stunning girl Perrie. The girl with jet black hair is Angelica. Um other blondie shaggy hair is Shay. Dirty blonde guy more of a messy haircut is Ethan. Then Mr . Lanchester calls on quiff guy. He stands up and goes to the middle of the room. 


    "Hello, um I'm Zayn Malik," WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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