The Life Of Lillie Cullingworth

Lillie Cullingworth and Zayn Malik were best friends. But Lillie had to move to Australia when she was 14. They lost touch then. She gets a scholarship for a local college in London. What happens when Zayn goes to the same college? Find out in The Life Of Lillie Cullingworth. (One direction not famous)


1. chpt. 1



    *Lillie's POV*


    "Hun I need you down here for a second!!!!!" My mum yelled excitedly. 

    "Coming!" I yelled from my room. You are problably thinking, hey Lillie what do you look like? Well I have dark brown hair but not the kind that looks black. I have dark red highlights. My body is an ourglass figure. I am thin but not like a stick. And my hair is wavy. 


    I got down stairs. 

    "You got a full on scholarship to the local college!!!!" My mum yelled. 

    "Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled

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