Blurb: In the year 1944 Brittan is at war with germany and Anna writes a diary while her dad is out fighting before she gets sent to a new evacuee home because of her people have to move to London for someone else. She leaves her home leaving only her diary filled with hundreds of empty pages and lots of missing pages. In 2014 her old home is now a care home housing a girl called Alice who's parents died in a car accident. When searching her new home she finds the diary and decides to use the remaining pages as hers. At first she thinks the diary Anna wrote would be really boring but then she reads it and she finds out lots of things about this girl. She learns about the girls life and what she has done and why life was so hard for her. Then she finds out something that she never knew that just shocked her.


2. sad sad sad

I stare at my parent’s grave so sad. Really sad. I can’t describe my pain. They died too young. That car was dodgy. I know it was. I saw the man tamper with the breaks and I didn’t tell them. I should have. I could have stopped it. Stopped them dying. I love them. I just want to see them one more time. I want to tell them I love them one last time. I know that can’t happen though. I know it isn’t a dream. I know I won’t wake up and see their faces. They are gone and it is my fault.

 Mum said before she died one thing. She wanted me to go with my older brother Paul. He is around the world with his wife at the moment. He might not come back to England for over a year. My nan had to give my mum up for adoption and we know nothing about her or the rest of mum’s family. So they have had to send me to a care home all the way in Devon. It was only till they could find my family. My brother would hopefully come back soon. His wife would be having their baby soon. So he would have to come back. I feel like he is the only one who cares about me since mum and dad died. Why isn’t he there at their funeral? Well they died on Friday but they insisted on having the funeral on Tuesday. They only sent him the message yesterday and he was in Australia. He couldn’t get a flight home till two weeks from tomorrow. He said he would come as soon as possible and when he could afford it. He sent roses and daffodils. Mum and dad’s favourite flowers.

My new social worker, Alexa, is right next to me. She keeps on looking at me.

“Are you ready to go yet?” asked Alexa.

“No, one more minute. I need to put something with them,” I said.
Alexa went to the door. She stood there for ages till I was done. I put a flower in each of their hands. Then, I went to the door.

I got into the car. Everything I need was in the back. I had my phone with me in my pocket. I text Paul saying that the flowers were great and that I hope to see him soon. He text me back saying he will see me as soon as he can. I was still so sad. Mum had so many things that she still wanted to do with me and dad. She promised me that we could build a nice study shed. It was going to have a big part for me then 2 bits for dad. I was going to have to design it all. Having a computer studying area and musical area. Little seats and everything nice. I was going to design it for me and my friends. I wanted that for everything. It was going to be a place for me and friends.

I got all my parents money as a present for when they died. They had saved 20k to help me with my education and are back yard. I had their check with me holding it tight

“Hey, what is that you’re holding their?” asked Alexa.

“It is the last thing my mum and dad gave me. A 20k check. I got it in there will. I want to give it to the care home. My only thing is half of the money I have something I want to build something for all the children. A little house/shed,” I said.

“Just 10,000 could do a lot. I think you should do what you want with 10,000. We have a big garden where you can have it built. With 10k we can make another care home for some people. We can get better facilities,” said Alexa.

I look at the plan. I wanted pink walls and nice flooring tiles.

“So this care home is very small. Only about 4 other people. It is just me running it on my own. It was a very old house that I got for cheap. I need more staff though. I look after these kids day in day out. I know that you will like Anna. She is the same age as you. She is sharing a room with you,” said Alexa.

We passed these country roads with pretty flowers and holiday shops. The ones near the sea side. They looked like the ones that have all that glitzy furniture hand made. I will look there when I’m making that place for me and other children. I want it to be big and wonderful. Like mum and dad wanted.

I get a text. From Kelly. My enemy.

Kelly: You can’t hide forever. I have looked everywhere for you. You are just a spoilt scared little girl. Who is an ugly person. Think you can hide. I know you are with your aunt ruth so I am going to her house. To see my dad. So come out now or you will just prove what a spoilt little ugly girl you are. Oh and don’t bother reporting me again because you are just a little ******. Who may think she is doing the best but I will just come back. So buy you little *****

I hate Kelly. She bullied me. Oh and by the way the star word is just a horrible word. Kelly cyberbullied lots of people. She called them nerds, geeks , uglies, creeps and the creepy geeks. So basically anyone that wasn’t her or her “crew” was being bullied by her. I reported it straight away. She was just mean. Everyone knew that.

I had to leave the horrible people behind me because now is a time for what a call a new beginning. A time for me to start again. By the sea and maybe find some new friends. Life will be better than my old house. Even if I don’t have mum and dad with me.

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