Blurb: In the year 1944 Brittan is at war with germany and Anna writes a diary while her dad is out fighting before she gets sent to a new evacuee home because of her people have to move to London for someone else. She leaves her home leaving only her diary filled with hundreds of empty pages and lots of missing pages. In 2014 her old home is now a care home housing a girl called Alice who's parents died in a car accident. When searching her new home she finds the diary and decides to use the remaining pages as hers. At first she thinks the diary Anna wrote would be really boring but then she reads it and she finds out lots of things about this girl. She learns about the girls life and what she has done and why life was so hard for her. Then she finds out something that she never knew that just shocked her.


1. Anna's diary


Dear diary,

The war is still going on. Most of the pages of this book have been torn out. They fell as this book I have had since I was 1. Mum had it in a cupboard. It was one of the last things I have since I had to leave my mum. Dad has been of at the war for 5 years and it has been scary without him and mum. Every month, I get a letter from my mother every month. She tells me about how the bakery is doing and what is happening at home. London hasn’t been the same ever since I left for mum. With the war going on they have had to ration. We can’t get that much food. We only have a bit to eat. One day mum sent me an orange. A real orange. We never get exotic fruit as it has to be imported as it is so expensive but my mum every once in a while has a friend who sells exotic fruit to people. I have had to had my clothes made because there have been shortages and there expensive.

Today I got some really sad news from my aunt and uncle. It was that my cousins needed them in London so I was going to have to go to some other evacuation places. They made it simple by saying I could stay with their friends. I will have to move very soon. It might not be today because there is a big storm. This is probably my last entry and I have so much more I want to say about this war so please let me say something.

From what my dad has told me so far we are winning at the moment. He hopes we will win because many of his friends have died as heroes. He wants them to be remembered for the heroes they are. Most of them had children my age. I was friends with most of them. Before I burry this diary in a room, need to give you an extract of something my dad sent me

Hero saves children from bomb terror.12th January 1944


A soldier from are army fighting in Germany has saved a family with 3 children from a bomb that was hidden in an underground hole.

The soldier, Max colesco, was lucky to survive without suffering. The people were fighting when the found a house with evacuees in the garden. They had sent max to tell them to flee away. He found a bomb in there garden set to go off in 50 seconds He ordered them out and he just managed to escape. The family was sent to a camp in the England. “We are happy Max saved us. If it wasn’t for him, we would be dead.” Said mum of 3 Kelly rose.

We asked Max Colesco why he decided to risk his life “It was my daughter Anna. I would do that for her so why not do it for someone else…


My dad sent me that to make me proud. He is now getting an honours award for it. I love that he was brave enough to put his life in danger. Bye. If you find this, please read it.

From Annie.nn

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