You could say that this love story is like every other one, but I would have to disagree. I would have to say that this is not the kind of love you see in the movies, or read about in books. This isn't the kind of love you fantasize for.

Love has a way of messing with you. Playing with your mind, and changing everything you ever thought you knew about yourself. It seems as if it always starts with a simple glance, or the light touch of someone brushing past you in a crowded room. Then once they're gone you have the sudden urge to look back over your shoulder just to see them again. And that is the beginning of every perfect love story. But I must remind you that my love story isn't perfect and has a much different, and slightly more forceful beginning.

(A/n) I'm sorry if this is a crappy description. I promise the story will get better though. Just read to find out. :D


3. Walking

 I followed Zayn back to the party. The air had turned cold and i wrapped my jacket tighter around my body. The woods were silent, and on the walk down here i hadn't noticed how far I had gone from the house. The dark trees loomed over our head casting eerie shadows on our smaller figures. 

"A bit creepy out here." Zayn commented, his voice being contained within the circle of trees we were standing in. I nodded in silence, not really focusing on his words. 

After a couple more minutes of walking i finally began to see the distant lights of Danny's house. As we walked closer to them we also began to hear the music. Finally, we broke through the line of trees and now stood on Danny's driveway. 

"I'm going to go find Liam and Niall." I said to Zayn. Zayn nodded and watched me walk off to where Liam's car was parked. Then he began walking back to the house. 

"Dammit!" I cursed loudly when I saw the empty space that Liam's van used to hold. The drunk idiots had left me! I groaned inwardly. I now have no way to get back to my house. 

I shook my head, stuffing my hands in my pocket, and stalked back up to the house. I opened the door and let myself in. The room was a bit less active. Half of the people were passed out in various places. And the other half were eating out of a bag of cheese puffs on the sofa. 

I walked past them and into the kitchen. I searched the room quickly and found Zayn, leaning up against a wall with his back to me and a bottle of beer in his hand. I also saw who was next to him. Harry! I really didn't want to do this, but I had no other choice. I began walking toward the duo, hoping that Harry was in a better mood now. 

Harry's eyes shot to mine as soon as I took my first step towards him. A grin widened on his face as i approached him. Zayn stopped his conversation as he noticed me approaching. 

"Hey, Lou!" He said, throwing an arm over my shoulder and pulling me toward him. "Where's Liam and Ni at?" 

I stared down at my fingers, my face paling, as my hands began to shake. 

"Left i guess." I answered shortly. 

Zayn laughed. "And am I correct in assuming that you have no ride home.." 

"Yep." I told him, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"No problem Louis. Harry an I can take you home." Zayn told me. 

I thanked him even though the last thing I wanted to do was trap myself in a car with Zayn and Harry. Zayn hadn't bothered me at all tonight but something inside was telling me that Zayn had a dark side of him. Another part of him that he usually kept hidden. 

Harry was strangely quiet. So I made the mistake of looking over at him. His eyes were glaring at me hungrily. I saw the ghost of a grin but the look had disappeared before i could even comprehend it. Harry turned to Zayn and whispered something in his ear. Zayn nodded and turned to me. He was wearing a smile but his eyes were completely blank. Then he left. I thought I heard him mumble something to me as he brushed by me, but I wasn't sure. When I turned to look at him he was already on the other side of the kitchen talking to someone who's name I didn't know. 

Well thanks, Zayn. I thought sarcastically as I spun back to face Harry. He was still, his dark eyes never leaving mine. His back was pressed against the wall and his fingers held onto the cigarette in his hand. He took a long drag from the disgusting thing and blew the smoke out, causing me to cough and swipe my hands in front of my face to clear the smoke. 

Without saying a word Harry stepped away from the wall, disposing his of his cigarette in a plastic cup of beer before moving closer to me. 

"What are you doing!?" I demanded, as Harry grabbed hold of my arm. 

Without answering me he began to drag me out of the house. 

"GET OFF!" I screamed. People were staring now, but nobody moved forward to help me. Some just quickly averted their eyes like they were trying to pretend that they hadn't seen anything. Others watched us mindlessly with blood-shot red eyes. 

I pushed and pried at Harry hands but his grip never loosened. He shoved me out the front door and i would've fallen if Harry hadn't been holding me. I was brought to a car that must have been Harry's.

"Get in." Harry said, roughly. 

As soon as Harry's vise like grip loosened i jerked my arm away from him forcefully. 

"WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed at him. "What do you even think your doing anyway?" 

"I believe I am taking you home." Harry answered. 

I laughed. "Yeah that's not what's gonna happen. I'm gonna get in your car and your gonna take me back to your house somewhere deep in the woods away from society and your going to lock me in your basement, never to be seen again." I said crossing my arms over my chest in refusal. 

Harry laughed, but it wasn't a light happy laugh, it was a you-better-do-what-i-say-because-im-this-close-from-ripping-your-face-off kind of laugh. I gulped but held my ground. 
"Louis just get in the car." 


Harry sighed. "Louis it's freezing, just get in the damn car." Harry said, clearly agitated. 

I closed my eyes, arms still across my chest. "I'd rather walk." And with that i shoved past him and began walking down the long driveway that led to the road. 

"Dammit!" I heard Harry curse under his breath. I smirked knowing that I had been the one to piss him off. I shivered, wishing that I hadn't left my jacket in Liam's car. 

I was surprised when Harry hadn't followed me, but then smiled to myself. Happy that I had finally rid myself of him and that I would probably never have to see that intimidating man again. 

It seemed like i have been walking this twisting gravel road for hours, even though it has probably only been a couple minutes. My fingers were numb from the cold and my bare arms were covered in goosebumps. Finally I found the end of the driveway. I began to walk along the side of the road hoping i was going the right way. The truth was that i had no idea how to get back to my apartment, having only been living here for about a week.

The road I was walking on was a lonely and deserted one, but it was better than being in a moving vehicle with Harry. I'll admit, the boy scared my a little. Okay a bit more than a little. But who can blame me? The man practically smelled of danger. Creepy smile. Dark persona. Muscly arms. The dude had everything except for a bloody knife in his hands. I shivered involuntarily, but I told myself it was just from the cold. 

I heard the engine of the car before the bright headlights washed over me, making me stop in my tracks, squinting into the almost blinding light. The car pulled up alongside me and the tinted passenger-side window was rolled down. I barely suppressed a groan when I saw Harry leaning over the passenger seat so that he could talk to me. 

"Get in, Louis." Harry demanded roughly. 

"No." I replied continuing to walk, as the car crawled along next to me. "Like I said before, I would rather walk." 

Out of the corner of my eye i could see Harry pinching the bridge of his nose as he shook his head irritably. A second later the car door opened and Harry got out. I kept my gaze on the faint city lights in the distance and refused to look at him. But maybe I should've glanced over my shoulder just once, because then i would've noticed Harry's bulky figure coming at me much quicker than it should've been. 

I felt something collide with the back of my knees causing my legs to buckle forward. But before I could fall face-first on the pavement i was lifted off of the ground and slung across Harrys broad shoulders. One of Harry's hands were still around the back of my knees, while his other hand clasped both of my wrists together. 

"Harry! Let. Me go." I shouted angrily, attempting to free my wrists from Harrys grip. I struggled uselessly, having had enough of being manhandled by this complete stranger. Harry set me down in the passenger seat of his car and closed the door. He walked swiftly to the other side of the car and jumped into the car. He started it and eased the car forward, seeming to be in no kind of a rush. 

"You know this could be considered kidnapping." I informed Harry as i rubbed my wrists, which were sore from being drug around by Harry all night. 

Harry let out a vocal breath. "Would you stop saying that, Louis! I'm not a kidnapper, or a rapist, or whatever the hell you think I am!" Harry snapped. 

Damn, I thought but didn't say. 

The next time Harry spoke his tone had softened. "I need your address, Lou." He said not taking his eyes off the road. 

I was silent for a minute, really not wanting him to know where I lived. I bit my lip and i knew Harry could feel my uncertainty. "Either you give me your address, or I can take you back to mine for the night." Harry stated, shrugging. 

I sighed, finally giving in. I told him my address and he grinned. "Now I don't see why that was so difficult, Louis." 

I didn't answer him. I would just be playing into his hands by giving him some smart-ass comment, so i just stayed silent. I leaned my forehead against the window, staring at the blurred lights of the passing city. 

I jumped when i felt a hand resting just above my knee. I turned to Harry and he smirking as he stared straight ahead. He rubbed my leg quickly and removed his hand before i had a chance to slap it away. I felt my cheeks flush and i bowed my head, hoping Harry wouldn't see. 

Harry and i were silent for the rest of the ride until Harry pulled into my apartment complex. I looked at Harry as he parked the car, wondering if i should thank him or not, considering he kinda forced me to ride with him. 

I decided against it and reached for the car handle, but I was stopped by Harry. "Lou?" He said, waiting until i was looking at him to continue. "Be ready at 7. I'm taking you out tomorrow." 

I was too shocked to speak. I just stared at Harry, eyes slightly wide. He wanted to go out? With me? Part of me was totally against the idea and suggested that i should ditch him and make up a stupid excuse as to why I couldn't go, but the other part of my was slightly flattered and knew that Harry probably wouldn't let me get out of this date so easily anyway.

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