You could say that this love story is like every other one, but I would have to disagree. I would have to say that this is not the kind of love you see in the movies, or read about in books. This isn't the kind of love you fantasize for.

Love has a way of messing with you. Playing with your mind, and changing everything you ever thought you knew about yourself. It seems as if it always starts with a simple glance, or the light touch of someone brushing past you in a crowded room. Then once they're gone you have the sudden urge to look back over your shoulder just to see them again. And that is the beginning of every perfect love story. But I must remind you that my love story isn't perfect and has a much different, and slightly more forceful beginning.

(A/n) I'm sorry if this is a crappy description. I promise the story will get better though. Just read to find out. :D


1. The New Flat



The day was warm, not unlike any other day. My hands were slightly shaking as i clutched onto the steering wheel. I turned, rather sharply i might add, into the parking lot of what was going to be my new flat. It was my first time i would be living by myself. 

I parked the car and shut off the engine. I grabbed a couple of boxes out of the trunk and carried them inside. I shouldered the door closed and set the boxes on the floor. I switched on the lights and glanced around the empty flat. There were 5 rooms; a kitchen, a livingroom, a bedroom, a spare room, and a bathroom. 

The flat looked very dull. Blank walls that were painted a light shade of grey. The dusty hardwood floors looked like they could use a bit more sparkle. Scraggly brown rugs were the only things that gave the flat the least bit of flavor. I turned back on my heel and went out to the car for the rest of the boxes. 

Three hours later i was sitting, cross-legged on the wood floors, with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. My arms were slightly sore from moving all of the boxes. I had a can of soda and a bowl of Ramen sitting in front of me on the cardboard box i was using as a table. I finished my dinner and took my bowl into the kitchen. I was happy to find that the house at least had a decent kitchen. I laid my dirty dishes in the sink and decided to explore the rooms of my new flat. 

I started in the living room. I took note of the cracked paint and the flickering lightbulb. I then moved to the next room which was about two times smaller than the living room. I walked into the room and the floorboards began to creek in protest. I opened a door and saw that it was connected to a closet. The closet had a rack connected to the wall to hang your clothing on. I closed the door and looked back over the room. 

It was a small room, but just big enough to be my future bedroom. I left the room and padded down the hallway to the last room. A chill ran down my spine when I entered the room. The room was freezing! I flipped on the lights and scanned the room for an explanation for the coldness in the room. Then I saw the open window. I made my way to the window and gripped it with both hands, pressing down on it firmly. But the window didn't budge. I put all of my weight onto the window, but didn't get any result. I grunted still trying to force the window closed, when I felt something sharp snatch on to the back of my trousers. I gasped biting back a scream as i stumbled backwards, twisting around to see what had a hold of my pants. 

My eyes stopped on a fuzzy ball of fur that was staring at me with wide green eyes. I gently picked up the cat and she seemed just as surprised as i was. I cradled her in my arms and cooed 

"Well what are you doing here?" 

She mewed softly as she snuggled into the crook of my arm, licking her lips in the proses. It was pretty adorable, I must say. Her fur was the color of smoke with a white diamond shape on her head. She was very small, and probably wasn't more than two years old. I decided to call her Misty.

I set Misty back on the floor and walked back out of the cold room. Misty followed me and I shut the door after we left, because the window was still open and i didn't want the cold getting to the rest of the house. Misty led the way to the living room and hopped on top of one of the unopened boxes. I knelt in front of another box and ripped it open. I dug in the box until i found what I was looking for: a pillow, and a blanket. I crawled over to the rug and lay down the pillow. I laid my head on the pillow and pulled the blanket over top of me. Misty hopped off of the box and curled up on the blanket next to my feet, purring quietly. 

"Night, Misty."

I whispered closing my eyes, and falling asleep almost instantly.

• • • 

I was awoken the next morning by something rough and wet rubbing against my nose. I swatted my hand in front of my face as i opened my eyes. My fingers brushed against the small kitten who was perched on my chest. I smiled at her as she unattached her claws from my shirt. She leaped of of my chest and landed with a small thud on the floor. She pranced over to the door and set one furry paw on the wood. That's when I heard the brisk knocking coming from the other side of the door. I clambered to my feet clumsily, the blanket tangling around my ankles, almost tripping me. I kicked the blanket to the side and stumbled over to the door. I grasped the door handle and tried to throw the door open but that's when I realized that the door was still locked. I hastily unlocked the door and finally the door swung open. 

On my front porch stood a man, a bit taller than me. His brown hair was swooped neatly to the side. At his feet was my cat, Misty. She rubbed herself against the man's leg as if she had known him all her life. The man knelt down and scratched her on the head. Then it occurred to me. This was probably Misty's real owner. Just as I was about to voice the question, the mans coffee colored eyes landed on me as he began to speak. 

"Cute cat you got here. What's her name?" 

I was taken aback by the question. 

"Oh... Uh, her name's Misty. She crawled through my window last night." 

The man chuckled lightly, standing back up to his full height, making my head crane up to him to maintain eye contact. 

"I must warn you that you aren't allowed to have pets here, so I'd keep her hidden if i were you." 

I nodded "thanks." I responded lamely. 

"You're new here, right?" The man questioned. 

"Um, yeah I just got here last night." 

"Welcome. I'm Liam Payne by the way. And you are?" 

"Louis Tomlinson." I said simply, gripping the hand Liam had extended towards me. 

"Mind if i come in?" Liam asked and i felt my face redden. 

"Yeah, you can come in, but I don't have any furniture yet." 
I told him, blushing even more. "It would probably be better if we go someplace else." 

"Yeah, that would be great." Liam said in agreement. "There's a coffee shop right down the road from here. 

Ten minutes later i was sitting in a cushiony chair with a steaming latte in my hand. Liam took a seat across from me and brought his cup to his lips. He took a quick sip then rested his coffee on the table. 

"So what's the reason you chose this place?" Liam asked, nonchalantly. 

"Um, Uni. I moved here cause of Uni." 

"Ahh." Liam sighed tilting his chair back slightly on it's back two legs. "Are you sharing the flat with anyone, you know, splitting the rent?" 

I shook my head. "I don't know anyone else who's going to this college, so I couldn't find anyone to share with me. Are you sharing?" 

"Yeh, me and my mate Niall have a flat a couple doors down from yours. You'll have to meet him sometime." Liam paused his eyes locking with mine, "In fact, you could probably meet him now, come on." 
Liam pulled me up from my chair and led me up to the counter where we had just ordered our drinks from. 
"Josh!" Liam called. 
The man, who was obviously Josh, turned towards us, a smile splitting across his face. 
"Hey man!" Josh said reaching over the counter to smack Liam on the shoulder. 
"Is Niall here yet?" 
Josh shook his head. "No, but he should be. His shift started 5 minutes ago." 
Liam laughed. "That lazy ass is probably still asleep." 
Josh joined in on Liam's laughing. His eyes landed on me, and his eyebrows raised in a questioning, but still friendly, way. 

"Well Liam, aren't you gonna introduce me to your new friend?" 

I felt an arm snake around my shoulder, strong fingers clutching my collar bone. 

"Josh this is Louis. Louis this is Josh." 

I offered Josh my hand and he shook it energetically. 

"Nice to meet you, Lou. I'm assuming your starting Uni this fall." 

I nodded silently. 

At that moment the door opened making the bell above the door ding. A frantic blonde sprinted into the small cafe, and came at us at top speed. He vaulted over the counter inches from where my elbow was resting. "Josh! if anyone asks, I'm not late!" The man yelled as he flung open the door that read "Employees Only" and disappeared behind it. 
I turned to Liam and Josh. Josh was burying his head into the table, laughing so loudly that customers were starting to stare at him even more than they had been staring at the man. 
"And that was Niall." Liam said trying to keep a straight face. Finally he cracked and he added another volume to Josh's cackling. 
A minute later the door reopened and a red-faced and still panting Niall joined us. 
"Shut up!" He commanded the two laughing boys, who just laughed louder.
Niall turned to me helplessly. "D'yah see what I have to deal with." He said in a thick Irish accent. 
Liam brought his head up to face Niall "YOU LOOKED LIKE YOU WERE BEING CHASED BY A RABID PITT BULL!" Liam cried loudly, sending himself and Josh into another fit of laughter. Niall shook his head. 
"I'm done with you." He dismissed, leaving us to help the customer who had just walked up to the counter. 
After about 5 minutes, the boy's laughter finally died down and they wiped the tears from the corners of their eyes. 

"I better get back to work." Josh commented. "See you around, Liam! See yah Lou!" Josh walked over to help Niall, and Liam and I walked back to our table to collect our now cold coffees. 

"I'm about to go shop for books before school starts, wanna come?" 

Liam stood casually leaning against the table. His hand planted firmly against the flat top to support his weight. His body language radiated calmness, as if he didn't care what my answer to his question turned out to be. It gave me the feeling to decide freely. I smiled thankfully at him. 

"I would love to go, Liam, but I have to get some furniture in my flat tonight. I think I'll pass." 

"That's cool, Lou. I'll talk to you later I guess." Liam pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket along with a pen. He scribbled something onto it and handed it to me. "Call me later, okay?" I bobbed my head. "Sure thing."
I shoved the paper into the back pocket of my jeans next to my phone.
I followed Liam out of the shop and we were both going back to our flats to get our cars. Once we got back to the complex, we said our final goodbyes and separated. 
I entered the dark flat and flipped on the lights. Misty was immediately at my feet. Intent down and picked her up and she licked at my fingers. I carried her to the living room and set her down on one of the cardboard boxes. She sat quietly, watching me thoughtfully as I searched the room for my keys. I found them 15 minutes later behind a rather large pile of boxes. How they got there is still a mystery to me. 
I swung the keys around on my finger and left the house, making sure to lock the door behind me.

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