You could say that this love story is like every other one, but I would have to disagree. I would have to say that this is not the kind of love you see in the movies, or read about in books. This isn't the kind of love you fantasize for.

Love has a way of messing with you. Playing with your mind, and changing everything you ever thought you knew about yourself. It seems as if it always starts with a simple glance, or the light touch of someone brushing past you in a crowded room. Then once they're gone you have the sudden urge to look back over your shoulder just to see them again. And that is the beginning of every perfect love story. But I must remind you that my love story isn't perfect and has a much different, and slightly more forceful beginning.

(A/n) I'm sorry if this is a crappy description. I promise the story will get better though. Just read to find out. :D


2. Not A Big Fan

 The next two days were filled with people entering my flat, carrying heavy loads of various furniture, that i had bought. Once they had brought everything into the house, they spent the rest of the day putting everything together, and arranging them around the flat. When they finished, i thanked them and paid them, then they left. 
I sighed and let myself fall onto the fluffy gently used couch that now took up the back wall of my living room. I leaned back on the arm rest of the couch and was asleep within seconds. 

I woke up the next morning with a crook in my neck. I popped my neck then walked to the kitchen. I refilled Misty's bowl with the kitty food i bought for her yesterday. 

My phone vibrated and I answered it quickly. 

"Hey, Liam!" I said my voice croaking from having just woken up.

Liam, Niall, and I have been hanging out a lot in the past couple of days. We were getting to be really close friends. Josh occasionally came over, and I got along fine with him, but I wasn't asking for his number or anything. 

"Hey, Lou, you sound like you just got out of bed." Liam joked. 

"I did." I told him. 

"Oh my God, Louis! You are so lazy. Even Niall got up before you did." 
I rolled my eyes, even though Liam couldn't see it. 

"What did u call for anyway?" I snapped. 

"Ooh! Feisty Louis! Definitely not a morning person, are you?" Liam chuckled a little at his own joke, then continued. "Anyway I called because my buddy, Danny, is having a party and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come?" 

"Yeah, sure. What's he throwing a party for?" 

"Ehh, i actually don't know. Just for no reason, I guess." Liam responded. 

"Alrighty then." 

"I'll be there at 7, Lou. That is 7 real time. Not 7 Louis time." 

"Yeah, yeah. I know, Liam. That was one time, Li. I was late one time. I'll be ready when you get here." 

"Good, you better be." 

I heard the beep of the call being disconnected. 

I sighed laying my phone on the counter. I fell on my couch and decided I'd take a quick nap before Liam and Niall got here. Yes, I know I am lazy, and I'm fine with that. 

• • • 
"See, I told you he wouldn't be ready." 

"Yeah, whatever. I'm still not giving you five dollars."

I blinked my eyes open and saw Niall and Liam standing over me. 
But they were too consumed in their conversation to notice i woke up. 

"Niall you promised though. You said if he wasn't ready when we got there you'd give me five dollars." Liam pouted. 

"Yeah, well promises are meant to be broken." Niall said, crossing his arms over his chest. 

I groaned loudly and covered my head with a pillow to block out their pointless arguing. 

"Louis. Guess what?" Liam asked, not giving me a chance to answer. "Its 7:00 you should be ready. Now get up before i drag you off of that couch by your feet." 

Yep, I love my friends. Sigh.

I ignored him, knowing he wouldn't follow through with his threat. Suddenly I felt someone tugging on my ankles sharply. The next thing i knew, my shoulder had collided with the floor. I shot to my feet. 

"OW!" I screamed, rubbing my shoulder. 

Liam just shrugged. Niall was on his hands and knees, laughing like a maniac. I flicked him hard on the forehead and walked to my room to get ready. 

I dressed simply in a band tee and blue jeans, then rejoined Niall, and Liam in the living room. I grabbed my phone and followed the boys to the van that was parked outside my flat. 

Liam slipped into the drivers seat with ease, while me and Niall fought for the passenger seat. I shoved Niall out of the way with my shoulder and clambered into the car, buckling my seatbelt swiftly. Niall looked like a puppy that had just been hit across the head. He stuck his tongue out at me and slouched into the backseat of the car.

The car rumbled to life and Liam backed out onto the road. The car ride was about 15 minutes and we cracked jokes most of the way there. We pulled into a long driveway that wound it's way up a hill through a thick covering of trees. When I finally saw the house, my jaw dropped open. It was huge! The massive house was aglow with party lights. And the booming music could be heard from here. 

Liam pulled his van along side a couple of other parked cars. He shut off the car. He pocketed the keys and climbed out of the car. His feet sliding a little on the pebbly gravel. I hopped out after him, slamming the door closed behind me.

We made our way to the house. Liam loudly knocked on the door three times before entering. We were instantly greeted by a guy with chestnut colored hair and cloudy grey eyes. He was obviously drunk by the way he walked on wobbly, unsteady legs. He threw one arm around me and the other arm around Niall, squeezing us tightly into his side. 
I fidgeted uncomfortably in the mans tight grip, but he seemed to take no notice. 

"Welcome lads! Glad ya'll could make it, yeh." He yelled to be heard over the throbbing heavy-metal music.

"Hey, Danny! Sorry we're a bit late. Mr. Fat Ass over here wouldn't get his lazy butt off the damn couch." Liam said. 

Niall chuckled "Watch your mouth Liam." 

Danny turned to me with a crooked smile, showing off his yellow teeth. 

"I'm not surprised." Danny commented, "he looks like trouble. He joked, laughing loudly in my ear. His breath was choked with alcohol. He ruffled my hair with his other hand and then finally released me. I stumbled out of his hold and stood next to Liam. 

Danny disappeared back into the throng of sweaty dancing bodies. Liam and Niall following his lead. I dropped my head realizing i was now alone. I made my way to the kitchen where about 20 people were playing a game that involved a bunch of plastic cups filled with beer. I was just about to grab a bottle of water when My wrist was roughly grabbed by an unknown hand. 

All i could see was the back of the man's head as he dragged me through the house. A refreshing breeze hit my face as i was pulled outside into the almost empty back yard. The man pulled me in front of him so i could finally see his face. And I'll admit that part of me wished i hadn't, but the other part of me thought he was absolutely beautiful. His face was shadowed by the darkness that surrounded us. His lips were pulled into a tight line. And his unreadable green eyes were boring into mine. The fierce glow of his eyes made me take a half step backwards. The man smirked as he acknowledged what I had just done by taking a normal sized step forward. 

I knew he was wanting me to back away from him like a cornered puppy, but what I don't understand is why I actually did take another, much larger step backwards. The mysterious green eyed boy seemed to be enjoying this little game. I took one more step backwards and my back ended up against the cold brick wall of the house. The man closed the distance between our bodies, but not in a friendly way. The man was almost a full head taller than me and the back of my head hit the wall as i tried to look up at him. 

"What are you doing here? I haven't seen you before around here?" 

"I'm n-new here." I stuttered, my voice barely more than a raspy whisper. I cleared my throat awkwardly. 

"What's your name?" 

"Louis Tomlinson." I told him. 

I closed my eyes because i could no longer stand to look in the boys eyes any longer.

"I-I have to go. Excuse me." I said trying to get around the intimidating man. With a smirk, the man stepped in front of me, blocking my path. He set his hands on the wall on both sides of my head his breath hitting me hotly. The worst part was that he wasn't drunk, no, he knew exactly what he was doing. At least with a drunk person you have more of an advantage. With a drunk person, you could easily throw them off balance, but it was clear this task would be extremely difficult to accomplish with him. 

"What's the rush? The party doesn't end for about 6 more hours." 

It was now that I noticed that the temperature in the air seemed to have dropped about 20 degrees. I shivered involuntarily. And the man emitted a sound that was a mix between a laugh and a growl. 

"Look. Just tell me what you want from me so i can go back inside. It's freezing out here." 

The stranger's lips opened into a smile, and I excepted to see two rows of razor sharp teeth like a shark had. But when his lips split apart all i saw was sparkly white normal teeth, that just added to beauty of this dark stranger. 

"Why must I want something from you?" The boy said, making a flare light up inside me. My cheeks grew hotter, and my jaw tightened.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe because you dragged me all the way out here and now have me pinned against a wall." I retorted my hands now shoving at his chest. 

The man opened his mouth to speak but he froze at the sound of footsteps approaching us. 

"Harry! Mate, let the poor boy go! You're scaring the shit out of him!" A voice called. A smiling face appeared over Harry's shoulder. The muscles in Harry's arms tensed, and for a second i thought he was going to refuse to let me leave. Then, very slowly he took his hands off of the wall. 

"I'm not scared of you, Harry!" I scoffed as I shoved him away from me. I stormed past the two men, clenching my fists in anger. The nerve of some people!

"What the hell was that man!?" I heard Harry scream at the other man. He was obviously trying to keep his voice down but it wasn't working.

I honestly didn't care to know how this ended. But maybe I should've because I'm quite certain Harry is the type of person to lose control and release his anger on innocent people. And he was pretty angry with the guy for interrupting what Harry was planning on doing to me. But I'd like to convince my self that I didn't stick around to eavesdrop on their conversation because i wasn't completely certain that the guy who made Harry release me was exactly innocent. 

I stuffed my hands in my pocket as i walked towards Liam's car. I figured I'd much rather wait in here for Liam and Niall to come out, then risk going back into the party and running into Harry again. I pulled on to door handle, and to my surprise, found that it was unlocked. But as soon as the door opened i found out why the car had been unlocked. 

Liam was sitting in the front seat of the car. One of his hands were still clutched around a bottle of beer. Straddling his lap was, none other than the cheerful Irishman also known as Niall Horan! And they were too engrossed in eating each other's faces off to know that I was now witnessing the scene they'd probably meant to keep private. 

"Oh! Shit! I'm sorry! I'll just wait out here!" I said slamming the car door closed. 

I took a couple steps away from the car and brought my hands up to run through my hair, pulling at it tightly. 

"Dammit." I cursed, under my breath. I clenched my eyes closed, trying to get the picture of them kissing out of my head. I'd only known them for a week or two and I'd already seen something that would put a bright neon wall between us that read "You have just screwed up." 

I continued walking, not really knowing where I'd end up. The air was cold, but not cold enough to be uncomfortable, yet. I kicked at a stray stone with the toes of my shoes. My eyes searched the night sky for nothing in particular. Not much of the sky was visible through the thick canopy of trees, but from what I could see, the night was full of dark grey clouds, that promised a storm in the near future. 

My feet carried me aimlessly forward, until I was standing on the edge of an empty dirt road. I stopped walking. I stared both ways down the road but i couldn't see where the road started or ended. I sighed and sat down on the slightly slanted ground. I pulled my knees up to my chest and carelessly draped my arms over them. 

I never really was a big fan of drinking parties. I mean, I like to have fun like any other guy, but partying when your drunk with a room full of more people who are also drunk never seemed appealing to me. Someone always seems to get hurt. And tonight, I could have been that person. I don't know what was running through Harry's mind, or what he was planning, but there was nothing i could have done to stop him. If that mystery person hadn't showed up and stopped Harry, i probably would be unconscious or bleeding in the back of Harry's creeper van. 

I felt a hand grasp onto my shoulder. I shot to my feet grabbing the hand and twisting it so it was behind my attackers back in a probably very painful way. The man let out a small grunt of pain. My grip on his arm went slack when I saw that it wasn't Harry. 

"Oh. Sorry, I uh, thought you were someone else." I said sheepishly, releasing the man's arm. He turned to face me and I instantly recognized his almond shaped eyes. It was the man who saved me from Harry. The man smiled, and started talking as if i hadn't just tried to break his arm. 

"I'm Zayn, by the way. I, uh, kind of followed you out here." 

"Hi Zayn, I'm Louis. Sorry for, um, that uh, thing, just now." 

"Nah, its alright. I probably would have done the same thing, if I were you." 

A comfortable silence fell between us, as we both stood, lost in our own thoughts. 

"So... What did you come out here for?" Zayn questioned, meeting my eyes and locking them in his own eyes. 

"Why did you follow me here?" I replied somewhat defensively.

"I asked you first." 

My gaze fell to the dirt where I was slowly rubbing the toe of my dirty Converse into. "I just needed to find a quiet place to take my mind off of some things." I looked up at him "Your turn." 

Zayns face reddened slightly. 
"I followed you out here because, errr, you looked upset and i wanted to make sure you were, you know, okay." 

I laughed a bit under my breath. 

"What?" Zayn asked, stretching out the word. 

"Zayn, you are a terrible liar." 

Zayn shrugged his shrugged his shoulders in defeat. 

"Tell me why your really here." 

Zayn opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted. 

"Don't lose who you are
In the blur of the stars
Seeing is deceiving 
Dreaming is believing 
It's okay not to be okay" 

Zayn pulled his phone out of his pocket. "One second." He said, his cheeks slightly red. 

"Jessie J, really." I said, grinning.

"It's a good song." Zayn answered the call and walked away from me so that I couldn't clearly hear who he was talking to, or what he was talking about. 

I didn't mean to watch him but that is exactly what I was doing. I watched how his hands made useless gestures that the person on the other end of the phone couldn't see. I watched how he never stopped pacing as he spoke. I watched how is expression changed from the happy Zayn i had just talked to, to a totally different, much angrier Zayn. I also watched how his eyes would occasionally flick to me, which led me to believe that I was the subject of their conversation. And that's what made me stop watching. 

I turned my back on Zayn and I walked a little ways down the dusty dirt road that led to nowhere. My mind wondered back to my quiet peaceful flat, and I wished I was there now, sitting on the sofa with Misty curled up in my lap. 

"Hey Lou!" I turned my head in the direction of the voice. Zayn stepped up along side me. 

"Let's head back to the party yeah. Your friends are probably looking for you."

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