You could say that this love story is like every other one, but I would have to disagree. I would have to say that this is not the kind of love you see in the movies, or read about in books. This isn't the kind of love you fantasize for.

Love has a way of messing with you. Playing with your mind, and changing everything you ever thought you knew about yourself. It seems as if it always starts with a simple glance, or the light touch of someone brushing past you in a crowded room. Then once they're gone you have the sudden urge to look back over your shoulder just to see them again. And that is the beginning of every perfect love story. But I must remind you that my love story isn't perfect and has a much different, and slightly more forceful beginning.

(A/n) I'm sorry if this is a crappy description. I promise the story will get better though. Just read to find out. :D


4. Innocent

"You know you don't have to go, if you don't want to." Liam said for the umpteenth time, as I scurried around my house trying to get ready but not really knowing what to wear because Harry never told me where we were going. 

"Yeah, we'll cover for you." Niall added . He was obviously trying to make it up to me, considering this whole problem was mostly his and Liam's fault anyway. 

"You know, helping me ditch Harry isn't going to make up for you guys ditching me last night." I told them, and their shoulders sagged. 

I had woke up that morning to Niall and Liam arguing loudly from the living room. I stomped tiredly out of my room to shut them up, but as soon as they saw me they both flung themselves at me and wrapped me in a ferocious bear hug, telling me over and over again how sorry they were for leaving me stranded last night. I had shoved them off and told them that I was still mad because i now had a date with a short-tempered, unpredictable stranger, and it was basically their fault. The two then demanded that i tell them every detail of what happened last night, so I did. I decided to leave out the part where I found Liam and Niall kissing, just to save myself from what would've been a very awkward conversation. After i finished Liam and Niall insisted that i not go with Harry, and they seemed genuinely concerned. But time after time I refused saying that it wouldn't help me much anyway. 

After much stressing (and I'm not even sure why this was causing me so much stress) i finally decided on what to wear. I threw on a plain white t-shirt, along with a jean jacket and a pair of black jeans. I slipped on my grey Toms and walked into the bathroom to fix up my hair in a quiff-like style. Just as I was adding a bit of gel to my hair i heard the doorbell ring. I moved to answer it but suddenly I was grabbed and pushed into my room. Liam shut the door and stood in front of it. 

"What the hell?" I asked confused. He put his fingers to his lips. Signaling me to be quiet. 

I suddenly realized what was happening when i heard the front door open and Niall's voice. "Hey, uh, how can I help you?" 

"I'm here for Louis." The voice was unmistakably Harry's. 

I gulped. I minute ago i wasn't at all nervous about meeting up with Harry again, but now I was quite glad that Liam had drug me in here. I stood frozen as i heard Niall speak again. 

"Uh, I'm sorry he's not here right now." 

I held my breath as i waited for Harry's reply. Praying that he would just leave. 

"That's quite strange. I thought I made it pretty clear to him yesterday that i would be here at 7 to pick him up." Harry said, chuckling lightly at the end of his sentence, but I could hear the venom behind his words. Meaning that Harry was pissed. 

Niall laughed nervously. "That is a bit odd isn't it." I heard him say. 

My eyes looked towards Liam who was still standing in front of the door. 

"Liam!" I hissed quietly, making him jump slightly. "Let me go out there before Harry gets even more pissed." 

Liam shook his head, extending his arms to further block my path. 

"Yes, Liam." I begged trying to get him to understand the seriousness of the situation, because I had no clue what Harry would do to me when he found out i ditched him. 

After pleading a little more i decided that it was useless. So I turned to plan B. I ran across the room, straight at Liam, kneed him in the crotch, not hard, but hard enough to make him fall to the floor with a loud bang! 

I froze as i noticed that the house had become extremely silent. 


Harry's POV

I stood on the doorstep. Staring down the nervous blonde boy in front of me. 
Trying to figure out if he was lying or not. That's when I heard a loud bang from within the house. I raised my eyebrows questionably. 

"Um that's just the cat." The boy said, lying straight through his teeth.

I pushed past him and briskly strode through the house, much to the boys protests, towards the source of the sound. I approached a wooden door and didn't even bother knocking. I swung the door open and was a bit taken aback by what I saw. 

Louis stood next to the door and on the ground next to him a boy was on the floor, holding his stuff, and groaning quietly. He was dressed in what I guess you could call casual clothes, and he looked like he was about to piss himself. 

I stepped forward and threw an arm around the boy's shoulder.

"Nice to see you Lou." I said as I guided him out of the room. The blonde boy moved out of my way and went to help the boy on the floor. Louis gave them a look that I couldn't comprehend and he mouthed something to them that I couldn't quite catch. I waited until we were outside away from Louis' friends until i pushed him up against my car. He looked a little surprised. 

"Nice show you put on back there." I said pressing down on his shoulders. 

"Wasntm" he mumbled not meeting my eyes. 

I laid a finger under his chin and tilted it upwards until my green eyes were staring daggers into his blue ones. "What?" 

"I-t w-wasn't me." He stuttered uselessly 

"What do you mean it wasn't you." I asked him, not completely following what he was saying. 

"They didn't want m-me to go with y-you." 

I could feel the heat rising as every muscle in my body tensed. I think Louis noticed because he squirmed a little. 

"I don't like it when people try to keep you from me." I told him dangerously. 

He nodded. Not speaking. 

"You're mine." 

Louis blue eyes widened. His bottom lip stuck between his teeth. I attached my lips to his neck and he squirmed even more. 

"Harry stop!!" He pleaded. 

I ignored him and began to bite and suck on the base of his neck. The boys nails were digging into my sides in an attempt to get me off of him. My tongue ran over the mark i was making on Louis fine skin. 

When I finally pulled away i admired the red mark that was already beginning to bruise. Louis eyes were now watery and i wiped away a single tear that had fallen. 

"Don't cry, Louis." 

I stepped away from the trembling boy and opened the door so he could get into the car. Louis winced as he ran his fingers over the bruise. He looked at me quickly before clambering into the car. I shut the door as Louis buckled his seatbelt, and walked to the drivers side. 

I stepped into the car and started the engine. It rumbled to life and i glanced over at Louis before pulling the car onto the road. 


Louis POV 

I sat in the car silently, wishing i was still at my flat. And wishing i didn't have a bright red hickey on my neck. I wasn't used to being treated like that. I wasn't used to people touching me like Harry did. I wasn't used to being forced to do something i didn't want to do. And I did not like it. But I don't think Harry cares if i like it or not so I kept my feelings to myself. 

Harry's hand reached for the stereo and he turned it on to break the silence that we have created in the car. But it was playing quietly which still left room for conversation to be made. 

"Where are we going?" I asked him, glancing up at him. His eyes were on me for a second before he directed them back at the road. 

"Dinner." He answered shortly. 

I let myself watch him as he drove. His eyes were concentrated on the road ahead. His lips were in a fine line with his tongue poking out of the side slightly. His hands were steady on the steering wheel as he calmly guided the car along the semi-busy street. 

"I like this song." Harry said, turning the volume on the radio a little higher. The tune was soft and bouncy but i couldn't quite name it. Harry hummed along quietly as the song played out. 

I wasn't really listening. I had my cheek leaned against the cool glass window and my eyes watched the clouds that looked to me like a preschooler had taken a paintbrush, dipped it in white paint and flung it into the sky, making it streaked with stringy white clouds. 

I jumped when i felt something warm brush against my hand. Long, slender fingers laced between my own. I glanced down at Harry's hand that had now wrapped itself, like a serpent, around mine. I attempted to pull my hand away but Harry didn't release it. 

"Just relax, Louis." He cooed rubbing his thumb over the knuckles on my bony hand. I gave in, letting him hold my hand. 

My thoughts were roaming as i watched the city pass us by in a blur. Colors streamed together just like the thoughts that were swirling in my head. The car lurched to a not so smooth halt as we came to a stop sign. I let out a small whimper and i could see Harry smirking with amusement out of the corner of my eye. He urged the car forward again and made a sharp left turn, just to annoy me. 

I glared at him but I don't think he noticed cause his eyes were now glued to the road. The next time the car stopped we had parked in front of a small diner that i had never heard of before. Harry let go of my hand so he could undo his seatbelt. I took mine off as well and pulled open the car door. 

The smell of fried food hit me immediately. My stomach grumbled slightly as I followed Harry into the diner. The noise inside of the small restaurant made me momentarily freeze in the doorway. 

"Harry!" A loud voice bellowed as a bulky teen walked up to us. The apron tied around his waist showed that he worked here. His name tag read "Mark". He clapped Harry on the back with a meaty hand "how are you mate?" 

"Fine, fine. And you?" 

"Oh I'm good." I took the time to notice the mans toned arms. They were muscular and decorated from shoulder to wrist in tattoos. One tattoo that really stood out to me was written in a small loopy font that said "Gay is Okay" 

"An' i assume this is your new boy toy." 

From the way that the mans back was slightly turned toward me i could tell that the remark wasn't meant for me to hear. So I acted as if i had never heard it. I heard Harry laugh, and to be honest i wasn't really surprised. I wasn't expecting this date to mean anything anyway. Like Harry could give a shit about me. All he wanted was to fuck me and move on. Not that I was going to let that happen though. 

A hand landed on my back, right between my shoulder blades and i was guided forward. Harry moved us to a booth that was set off a bit from the others. There was no one around us and it was easy to see that Harry had intended it to be this way. 

Harry sat down first and picked up a menu casually. I cautiously slid into the opposite booth and reached for my menu also. My legs bounced nervously under the table as i scanned the food that they had listed. 

I stopped when i felt a hand on my knee stopping it from bouncing. I'm glad the menu was hiding my face because I'm sure it was as red as a cherry right now. I must have spoke to soon because just then another hand grabbed hold of my menu and pulled it away from my face. 

"Why are you so jumpy, Louis?" Harry asked, his green eyes sucking me in hungrily. 

My lips moved soundlessly, as his hand on my leg started to slowly move upwards toward my thigh. I wrapped my hand around his wrist pushing it away from my leg. I stood up abruptly. 

"I have to pee." I said making my way hastily to the bathrooms. I closed the door behind me and walked up to the sink. I stared in the mirror at my reddened face. I turned on the faucet and cool water started to fall into the sink. I cupped some of the water into my hands and splashed it onto my face in an attempt to cool it down. I shut of the water and lifted my shirt to dry off my face. I took a deep breath, and a last look in the mirror, before letting myself out of the bathroom. 

Harry watched me walk back to our booth. His eyes absorbing every movement. I sat down awkwardly. 

"I already ordered for you." Harry stated. 

I hated when people ordered for me, not that I was picky or anything, but I kept the thought to myself. Harry tried to make small talk while we waited for our food but i was too busy trying to keep his greedy hands away from my legs to pay much attention to listening to what he was saying. 

Finally the waiter came back with our food and i was thankful that the food kept Harry's hands occupied. The waiter set a plate of Cheeseburgers and fries in front of both me and Harry. 

Harry dove straight into his burger while i picked up a fry and nibbled at it lazily. 

"You know, you act too innocent." Harry said suddenly. 

"Yep I bet I do." I answered boredly, like a mother might answer her child when he tells her yet another story about how he found a penny at the grocery store. 

"You're too innocent for your own good." 

"And how would you know anything about my own good." I retorted. 

What was he trying to get at anyway? 

"I bet you haven't kissed anybody."

"No I have not." 

"I bet you haven't even been to a bar." 

"You're wrong there, Styles." I answered. "Why do you care about my life anyway?" 

Harry ignored my question. 

"I bet you're still a virgin." I dropped the fry i had been holding onto my plate and shot to my feet. 

"That's none of your business." I moved as quickly as I could away from Harry. 

The air that hit me when I left the diner was very refreshing. I Walked around the almost deserted parking lot for a couple minutes. My hands were clenched at my sides as i tried to restore my heartbeat to a normal pace. 

I had known Harry for a little less then two days and he had already found a way to lodge himself deep into my skin like an annoying blister. I hated how he could get me all worked up and aggravated. I hated how he tried to control me. Why won't he just leave me alone? 

Cold fingers wrapped around my wrist and i instantly jerked it away. My head turned toward Harry and I narrowed my eyes. He studied me with raised eyebrows. 

"I hope you're done having your little diva moment." Harry said mockingly. 

"Just shut up and take me home." 

"Ah, ah, ah. That's not a nice way to talk to someone who just bought you dinner." 

"See if i care." 

"I believe an apology kiss is in order." 

"I'm not apologizing to you." I crossed my arms over my chest. 

"Then we can sit here all night until you do." Harry replied calmly, copying my actions. 

"Fine. I'm so sorry for not answering your question about my virginity. Are you happy now?" 

"I said you had to give me an apology kiss." Harry said. Closing his eyes and puckering out his lips. 

"Go fuck yourself." 

I pushed past him and marched up to his car throwing open the door and climbing in. A much grumpier Harry trailed behind me and got into the drivers seat. He started the car wordlessly and backed it out of the parking lot. 

Harry was oddly silent as the car rolled down the street. His body language, however, was practically screaming in anger. I was almost jumping with joy when the car finally pulled up in front of my house. My hand closed around the door handle, but I was stopped by Harry's hand on my wrist. 

"I will be seeing you soon." He promised, staring me dead in the eye. I broke away from his deadly glare and exited the car. I sprinted up the driveway and threw myself into my apartment, making sure to lock the door behind me. 

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