You could say that this love story is like every other one, but I would have to disagree. I would have to say that this is not the kind of love you see in the movies, or read about in books. This isn't the kind of love you fantasize for.

Love has a way of messing with you. Playing with your mind, and changing everything you ever thought you knew about yourself. It seems as if it always starts with a simple glance, or the light touch of someone brushing past you in a crowded room. Then once they're gone you have the sudden urge to look back over your shoulder just to see them again. And that is the beginning of every perfect love story. But I must remind you that my love story isn't perfect and has a much different, and slightly more forceful beginning.

(A/n) I'm sorry if this is a crappy description. I promise the story will get better though. Just read to find out. :D


6. A Call Home

My eyes shot open. I tried to control my breathing but my heart was pumping too fast. My eyes darted around the dark room frantically, but only being met with shadows. I felt an arm tighten around my waist and i looked down to find Harry, sleeping soundly. I lay back down and closed my eyes. It was just a dream. I'm safe, well safer, with Harry. At least he is not here. I shuddered as i remembered the horrible scene. Shuddered as i remembered the terrible pain my ex-boyfriend had caused me. But right now i was safe. At least i hoped I was safe. Harry wouldn't HURT me, Right? 

I closed my eyes but i couldn't fall back asleep. I sighed and checked my phone. It was only 5 in the morning. I let my head rest against the soft pillow beneath me. It was really warm in here so i decided to kick off the blankets. I sighed when the cool air hit my legs. But i still couldn't get comfortable. I fidgeted, trying to find a comfortable position. Harry shifted and i felt his bare legs connect with mine. His hands moved down to my hips and they stayed there. His legs now straddled my waist and he pushed himself off the bed so he was sitting on top of me pushing my hips into the mattress forcefully. 

"Stop moving." He grumbled sleepily. His eyes half closed. 

I smiled. I wiggled my hips and Harry growled. 

"Don't push it, Louis." 

I giggled. "No promises." but I don't think Harry was enjoying this game as much as i was. He moved so he he was laying on top of me. Only when his weight was fully on me did it become hard to breathe. 

"Harry. I. Can't. Breathe." 

"I warned you Louis." 

I opened my mouth to respond but Harry's breathing had already slowed and his head fell limply on my shoulder. I closed my mouth and groaned. I laid my hands on Harry's chest and attempted to push him off but he didn't even budge. After about 15 minutes i gave up and let my hands fall to my side. That's when I felt Harry's lips brush against my cheek. He kissed me gently before bracing his hands against the mattress. I watched the muscles in his arms tense as he pushed himself off of me. 

"Morning." He said groggily. 

"Harry its 5:30 in the morning. Go back to sleep." I told him trying not to laugh. 

Harry rolled around on the bed the blankets tangling around his legs. 

"Butwehaveto gottahdfctrs." Harry mumbled, still half asleep. His eyes were closed and his hands were roaming the empty space between us blindly. 

"Do you even know what your saying right now?" I questioned, and was answered by some more senseless groaning. 

I waited until he finally fell silent. I watched as his breathing filled with sleep and he became still. And then I waited some more, just to be safe. Once I was sure Harry was soundly sleeping, I rolled off of the bed as quietly as I could and swiftly crossed the floor to the door on the other side. I opened it slowly, praying it wouldn't creak. Then I exited the room making sure to shut the door behind me. 

I tip-toed down the stairs and into the living room. It was still dark outside and i walked slowly to let my eyes adjust to the darkness of the room. I didn't know what else to do so i sat down on the couch and fumbled around for the TV remote. When my fingers finally closed around the slender object, I brought it to my face and used my phone as a flashlight so i could see the buttons. 

I turned on the TV and made sure the volume was on low as i flicked through the channels lazily, hoping something good would catch my eye. I gave up on looking through the channels and finally settled on some lame cartoon show. I picked up my phone and began to scroll through my unread messages.

I had 13 messages from Liam and 36 from Niall. Along with that i had a missed call from my mom and 6 missed calls from both Niall, and Liam. Damn! What is wrong with these boys?! I clicked on Liam's messages and skimmed through them. 

To Louis: 

Where are you I've called like three times??

To Louis:

I'm getting worried now. You usually answer me back. Are you alright? :( 

I laughed at Liam's over protectiveness and quickly constructed a text. 

To Liam: 

Chill bro! I'm fine, I just stayed at Harry's for the night. 

I sent it even though I knew Liam wouldn't reply. It's still like 6am. I clicked on Niall's messages and started laughing uncontrollably. 

To Louis: 

Louuuuiiiisss! Come home, Liam won't stop fucking screaming until you do! He thinks you've been kidnapped or something and he's driving me insane." 



To Niall:

I'm at Harry's. tell him to calm down! 


I was suprised to get a reply from Niall about two minutes later. 

To Louis: 

You willingly went to Harry's?" 

To Niall: 

Not exactly 

We texted back and forth for a while until i could see the light start to shine through the windows of Harry's cozy little living room. I sat my phone down next to me on the couch and I looked at the well kept house. The furniture and sofas in the house were spotless. The pictures hung perfectly straight on the deep blue walls. The carpet was a light fluffy grey color. It was a bit surprising. Harry didn't come off as the guy who kept his room straight and did all of his chores when he was a kid. But he deffinatly kept his house in order. 

My stomach grumbled and i made my way into the kitchen. I sifted through the items in Harry's cabinets and came out with a box of Fruit-Loops. I poured myself a bowl and sat at the table to eat it. 

My mind was scattered and it was hard to focus on a single thought. There was so many things i had to do before this term started. I haven't got all of my books yet. I haven't found a job. My mom has called me dozens of times an i have yet to return a single call. And i forgot to tell Niall to feed my cat. Maybe I should leave now. I could tell Niall to come pick me up and I would leave a note for Harry. I have no idea how long Harry sleeps for , and I can't waste all of my morning here waiting for Harry to get his fat ass out of bed. 

I finished my breakfast and laid my bowl on top of the other dirty dishes in the sink. I sat back down at the table and grabbed my phone. I unlocked it, but before I could dial Niall's number Harry walked into the kitchen. He was still in his boxers and his hair was sticking straight up from his forehead. 

"Mornin'" he hummed grabbing a coffee mug and turning his back to me as he made himself some coffee. 

"Did yah sleep long enough princess, its only 12:30." I mocked 

Harry grunted in annoyance, as he opened a pack of sugar too harshly and it spilled onto the counter. He cursed and used his hand to sweep it into his mug. He took a sip and walked over to stand beside my chair. 

"I'm going to call Niall to pick me up. We have some shopping we need to get done before Monday." 

Harry gave me a look and i groaned in response. 

"Fine you can come." I said and Harry smiled. 

"Thanks for the invite." 

• • • 

"I think the ladies will love this!" Niall shouted holding up another item of clothing. 

"Yeah the sixty year old ladies." I told him, snatching it from him and putting it back on the rack. 

I walked over to another section and picked out a couple shirts for myself and a new hoodie, since it was getting colder. 

"Louis hurry up we still have another store to go to." Niall called as he stood at the checkout line waiting for me. 

"Fine, im coming." I said carrying my items over to him. "What store do we have to go to anyway we've practically been to every one in this mall." 

I set my cloths down on the counter and the lady behind it started to scan them. 

"That'll be $35.82 sir." She said and i handed her a $40. "And here is your change sir. Have a nice day." 

"Thanks." I responded grabbing my bags and leaving with Niall. 

"Where did Harry say he was going?" Niall asked. 

"God if i knew. Probably at some adult store buying some new toys." 

"That's gross, Louis." Niall replied scrunching his nose. 

"It doesn't matter. What store are we going to?" 

"We're going to buy you a new tux." 

I raised an eyebrow. "Why do i need a tux?" 

Niall smiled. "Suprise! Liam got you a job interview!" 

My eyes widened and i studied him to make sure he wasn't messing with me. 

"No way! Really?" 

"Yeah." Niall confirmed. "But don't get too excited. Its not anything big, just enough to pay the bills." 

"That's fine! Thats exactly what I need. " 

After we shopped for tuxes, i got a text from Harry saying that he'd gone out with some friends but he'd make it up to me later for leaving. Yeah now I have that to look forward to (note the sarcasm). 

"Anything else you need while we're out?" Niall questioned. 

"No I think I'm good." I told him. "I'm gonna go home and call my mom. I haven't talked to her in a while." 

"Alright I'll take you home." 

The drive home was fairly short and i thanked Niall and climbed out of his car popping open the trunk to get my bags. I waved to him and walked into my house. Misty followed me into the kitchen where I sat my bags down and refilled her bowls with food and water. I then locked myself and my room and dialed up my moms number. 

"Hello." She answered, obviously pleased to hear from me. 

"Hey mom, sorry i haven't called. I've been busy settling in and getting ready for college." 

"You don't have to apologize sweetie, I know how tiring this stuff could be." I smiled. My mother is the most caring person in the world. "Did you meet any new friends yet. My baby's not up there living all alone is he?" 

"No mom. I've made some new friends, everyone up here's really nice. You have nothing to worry about." 

"That's great honey." 

There was a muffled movement and the sound of running feet on the other side of the phone. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice on the line. 

"Mommy! Mommy! Is that Louis?" 

"Yes Daisy-" 

"Can I talk to him! Please! Please!" 

"Yes, but please stop screaming." 

"Louis." My mom's voice came bak much clearer. 


"I'm gonna hand you over to the twins so they can talk to you. Bye love." 

There was a rustling as the phone was passed around. 

"HII BOO!" Phoebe and Daisy screamed at the same time. 

"Hey pine cones." I responded and they giggled. We always give each other weird nicknames. Its kinda our thing. 

"We miss you Louis." Daisy said and i felt my heart drop a little. 

"I miss you too and I'll be home again before you know it. Just be good for mom okay." 

"We promise." They said in unison. 

"Alright im going to go now. Love you. Say hi to your big sisters for me." 

"We will. Love you. Bye." 

"Bye." I said and ended the call. 

I sighed and let my head fall back onto my pillow. The mattress dipped as Misty jumped onto it. She licked my hand and i knew she was trying to comfort me. I pet her head softly. I closed my eyes and just let my mind wander. Only three days left until my official first day of college.

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