"Hey! Watch where your going!" I heard someone yell as I fell. Tears had yet to stop falling. "S-sorry." I stuttered. "Are you okay?" The voice sounded concerned now."

Elle had perfect friends. All of the boys (even some girls) wanted her. One day everything went wrong but is it for the best? Or will the events break her.


3. With the Boys

Harry's P.O.V

She took my hand, and stood up. We headed to SOMEPLACE Liam and Zayn pulled us to. When we got there we all started searching for Halo. Liam found it and started jumping up and down screaming this one this one. Elle laughed, did I mention how amazing her laugh and smile and face and well how amazing her everything was. The boys were literally drooling over her. Bee! Dow! I love my text tone.

Unknown Number: Hello Maddie it's Elle's mom can she stay at your place tonight, I have to work late, I have her purse and it has her keys in it.

Harry: Yes!

Yes! "Looks like you staying at our place tonight Elle." I said excitedly. "Oh, why!" she replied surprised. "You left you keys in your moms car."

We checked out and headed to the car. We drove home. When we got to my flat we all went inside Niall went strait to the kitchen and made a whole box of microwave popcorn. Elle  sat on the couch while the others got food. I headd upstair and got Elle one of my shirts. I went out of my messy blue room. I went down stairs and handed Elle the shirt. "Where is the bathroom?" she asked. "Down the hall on the right." I answered. Five or so minutes later the boys came out with 4 bowls of popcorn and Elle came out wearing my shirt.

 We sat on the couch and the boys settled on the floor. Zayn got up and put in Paranormal Activity 3. "What are we watching?" Elle questioned. "It's a surprise." Zayn said while winking. 

The movie turned on within the first five minutes Elle had screamed twice and the boys were laughing their heads off. I held Elle close to my chest. She calmed down and fell asleep.

Elle's P.O.V

I fell asleep in  Harry's lap. I'm a very light sleeper. I woke up to voices it was still dark so I kept my eyes closed and listened.

"Harry you can't have Elle!" I heard someone say, I think it was Niall.

"Nialls right Elle is too delicate-" Zayn.

"And you go through girls so fast!" Liam finished his sentence.

"They are right" Louis agreed.

Harry picked me up bridal style. "I won't screw up guys I've never felt like this before!" he argued.

"That what you said with Taylor!" They all said.

"And Kendell," Zayn added.

"And Cara." Liam said annoyed.

Harry stormed off with me in his arms up stairs.

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