"Hey! Watch where your going!" I heard someone yell as I fell. Tears had yet to stop falling. "S-sorry." I stuttered. "Are you okay?" The voice sounded concerned now."

Elle had perfect friends. All of the boys (even some girls) wanted her. One day everything went wrong but is it for the best? Or will the events break her.


5. Save Me

Elle's P.O.V

The boys went down stairs for a movie. I told them I was tired and going to bed. They nodded and headed down stairs. I heard the movie start and quietly opened the front door. I stepped into the cold night. I slowly walked down the stairs, and took of running. I heard people yelling for me. I ran and ran until I got to the bridge. The unfinished closed bridge. I ran to the ledge a rocky river rushed below. Tears fell down my face. No one would care. They all hated me.

I stretched my arms out wide, and took a deep breath. Just then I heard a voice. 

"Elle," I heard it wisper, "please don't do this. I love you we all do." 

I turned around to see four boys all in tears. I looked over my shoulder to see the rushing water. When I turned back Niall walked towards me. He opened his arms I fell into them, and sobbed. He picked me up I wrapped my legs around him.

He carried me to the car. I buried my head into his shoulder. He set me in the back seat of the car and sat next to me. The others piled in. They were all silent. I cuddled into Niall. 

When the car stopped in the drive way we all climbed out. Liam opened to door and we all went in. Harry was inside playing video games. 

"Come on baby, lets go upstairs." Niall whispered in my ear, while taking my hand. Harry rolled his eyes. 

When Niall closed his bedroom door. Yelling filled the house, they boys were all yelling down stairs. Niall handed me a shirt. I went into the bathroom attached to his bedroom and changed. 

Niall was in bed I crawled into bed next to him. He snuggled up next to me. I fell asleep quickly to the beautiful yelling down stairs.


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