"Hey! Watch where your going!" I heard someone yell as I fell. Tears had yet to stop falling. "S-sorry." I stuttered. "Are you okay?" The voice sounded concerned now."

Elle had perfect friends. All of the boys (even some girls) wanted her. One day everything went wrong but is it for the best? Or will the events break her.


8. Ice


“I’m so glad you like it!” Niall said letting out a huge breath. The scratched the back of his head. “Um, Elle why were you crying?” he said nervously. I looked down for a moment. Do I tell him? What would harry do? No, I can’t. “I’m still trying to get over everything.” I said meaning being accused of something I didn’t do and all my friends leaving me.  

“Did you get hurt why did you wince?” he asked concerned. Crud what do I say!

“Um, well this is embracing, I ran into the counter.” I said giving him a little smile. He man giggled.

“I’ll go get you some ice.” He walked off.

He believed me! But, I lied to him. I felt so bad. Zayn came in holding a bag of ice.

“Hey, princess.” He smiled walking over to my bed. “Niall told me to bring this to you he is going to redbox to pick up a movie.” He handed me the ice, and started to walk out.

“Zayn, can you please stay?” I begged.

He turned, “Ya why?”

“Um, I wanted to hear about Louis’s fall.”

He laughed and sat on the bed. “so we were at Tiffany’s jewelry store to get you something and Louis saw this girl he thought was so hot.” He started laughing like crazy, “so he walked over to say hi and tripped, like on air, and fell on his face.” Zayn fell over laughing hysterically. I smiled and sang “emdaracing!”

They were all clueless they had no idea what Harry had done to me. He wanted it this way but I would feel safer if they knew. I don’t want harry to do it again; I’m not going to tell them. . I don’t have a choice.

I can’t tell them.

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