"Hey! Watch where your going!" I heard someone yell as I fell. Tears had yet to stop falling. "S-sorry." I stuttered. "Are you okay?" The voice sounded concerned now."

Elle had perfect friends. All of the boys (even some girls) wanted her. One day everything went wrong but is it for the best? Or will the events break her.


9. 2 Weeks Later

2 Weeks Later

Zayn's P.O.V

We heard Elle flush the toilet she had been sick for a while now and I was starting to get worried. She came down the stairs her face was pale and she was clutching her stomach.

"Um, Zayn I'm going to Walgreen's to get some medicine." She stated.

“I’ll come with.” replied grabbing my keys.

“NO, I CAN DO IT!” She snapped (weird).

“Um, ok.”

She got her purse and headed to her car. I went into the family room Niall was watching TV. I sat down and we watched Walking Dead for a half-hour.


I heard the front door open. “Hey, Elle!” I yelled.

“Hey!” she yelled back. I heard her walk up stairs and shut a door.

I turned my attention back to the show and continued watching. All of the sudden  I heard a loud thud coming from upstairs followed by sobbing I shot up and ran up the stairs Niall closely behind.

Elle’s P.O.V

Everything went blurry Zayn burst in and started saying something I could only hear a high pitched ringing. He ripped it out of my hand and looked at it. He dropped it and embraced me in a hug, Niall’s mouth hung open. He carried me to his room and laid me down. I had to stop crying.

“Harry,” was all I could say. He hugged me close and I cried eventually falling asleep in his arms.

I woke up Zayn was standing looking out the window. “Zayn,” he turned his head, “Harry he-h-he raped me.”

Zayn’s eyes widened as he ran out of the room. I got out of bed and changed. When I went down stairs all the boys were gone. I grabbed my Gucci purse and headed out the door to my car. I hopped in and started it, I drove through town to finally reach the out skirts where my favorite campground was I parked my car and got out walking along the rail over the river. The wind was swift but calm. The water rushed but flowed. It had a wonderful fragrance but wasn’t to powerful. I closed my eyes and listened. Listened to the woods, the squirrels, the water. I walked down an overgrown path to the side of the main one my little brother and I made when we were young. A sign that read ‘Ellie and Chandler’ was still there.

“Chandler come on! Faster!” I yelled to my little brother from the other side of the intersection. As kids we had to everything ASAP, the light was red and the countdown for the cross walk hadn’t even started yet “I’m coming!” Chandler yelled he started to run when a blur of blue came whizzing by. The rumble of loud music shook the ground. As I was my baby brother die right in front of my eyes.

<>End of Flashback<>




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