The Little Book Of Laughter

Feeling down? Well this is what you need! This book is full of jokes and other funny stuff! Plus, if you have a favourite one, let me know OR if you have something funny to tell me comment and you never know it could be in this movella!


35. 35. ( Congrats on ourselves on 35 hearts <3 )

Hello , it's me Bathroom Singer again <3 :) ;) I just wanted to celebrate for 35 favorites. 


1) Universal truth we learnt:-

"sun rises in the east"
Fact:- "sun neither rises nor sets, only earth rotates..!".

Moral :-)
"Education spoils our common sense"


2) Every girl wants a guy.
Who hugs her when they r watching a scary movie,
Who will always be there to make her laugh,
Who will never complain, never stare at other girls,
Who will b romantic & not scared to say "I love U",
& he will love her for who she is...
& tat guy is what Google calls No Results Found'!


3) A Cockroach To A Young Guy:
"I Can Make Your Girlfriend Scream,
More Louder Than You Can...



4) Two secrets to keep relationships stronger.

1. Whenever you are wrong – Admit it.

2. Whenever you are right – Just keep quiet.




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