The Little Book Of Laughter

Feeling down? Well this is what you need! This book is full of jokes and other funny stuff! Plus, if you have a favourite one, let me know OR if you have something funny to tell me comment and you never know it could be in this movella!


24. 24.

Hello everyone, the co-author - Let'sGoBanana here. :) Here are some real life events which did take place but I dont know if they are funny or not. _-_




1)OK, this was when my friends and me were watching titanic at our party hangout and then were ready to cry when they ship was breaking from the middle, my little cousin bro broke the mood out totally when the ship was breaking , by commenting " Poor ship, could not handle those big fat people. " He was 5 years old by then. It was kind of rude to use the word fat -_- 



2) I have this friend who uses fake smiles and all just to be an eye-candy. One day , she was boasting in front of me  " Oh Payo (my real name) , you know he(her boyfriend) gave me this chocolate , oh and this card for our anniversary. We went on a long drive. I am sorry for you since you have no boyfriend , you must be feeling bad. " 



Me: *_* silent  , , , , , 

My cousin bro : I wonder how poor fate that guy have actually. His pocket must be empty because of you Ann(the bitchy friend). Payo, never turn out to be like Ann, ever. I wonder how did he fell for a bitch like you. 




3) This is kind of a sensitive issue . . . . which happened to me 


One boy classmate : Hey Fatty !! Morning . . 

Me : Well , since I am fat. Should I choke you to death by sitting on you? So that the idiotic mouth of yours will gain the silence forever? 



4) The same bitchy friend from 2 point above , 



Her : Hey Payo , how do I look today? And my nails? 

Me : Well, I think some 4-year old actually painted your face so horribly. How much colors did he finish? 


Hey , that was much. Note: Never call anyone fat. It hurts that person a lot. I have gone through hell because of that word.


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