The Little Book Of Laughter

Feeling down? Well this is what you need! This book is full of jokes and other funny stuff! Plus, if you have a favourite one, let me know OR if you have something funny to tell me comment and you never know it could be in this movella!


22. 22.

One day, a man and his wife wanted to ride on a helicopter so they went and asked the pilot if they could ride. "OK, I'll let you ride this helicopter for £70." The pilot said. "Jim, £70 is £70." The wife said. "How about £60?" The pilot asked. The wife said, "£60 is £60." The pilot said, "I'll let you go on for free but if one of you speaks I will charge you £50." The man and his wife agreed and got on the helicopter. When they landed, the pilot said, "Well, you didn't speak so I shall not charge you anything but where is your wife?" The man answered and said, "My wife fell out and I was going to say something but then I thought to myself, '£50 is £50."

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