The Book

Alex finds the book in a battered, old chest up in the attic. The attic was the Warlock's hiding room for the memories that Alex assumes he doesn't want to remember. Its a private, personal space, but Alex wants to find out what exactly is up there.

Rune words are in Chinese (Traditional).


1. Annoyance

"Fuck this shit."
Alex swore under his breath as he stomped up the large old stairs to his room, the one he rarely uses.
"I don't give a fuck what Magnus thinks. I'll do what I fucking want to do, I'm not a little kid."

He opened the door, and was about to walk in, but something else caught his attention. That was the one door he never went through, one of Magnus's secrets. Alex had always thought about what could be in there, often sat on the floor in front of it when he wasn't doing anything. He tried opening it before, but Magnus had always shown up and punished him for it.


Alex considered his choices, and decided he had nothing to lose this time. He walked across the wide hallway to it, tail swishing from side to side, fingers drifting over the antique appearance of the wood. He gave the handle a tug, locked.

"Nothing I can't handle." Alex thought to himself, grinning at the thought of this part of Magnus's life being revealed to him.


He created a small amount of flame within his hand and used it to burn the inside of the keyhole, with a quiet snap, the lock clicked off. Alex again pulled at the handle, but even with the human made lock gone from the door, the warlock had put a locking spell on it so it wouldn't open. Alex frowned for a moment, reconsidering his plan of action and adding this new point of interest to it. He grinned to himself, "Time to do a Fray." he mumbled to himself happily.


He pulled out his stele and draw the rune that came into his mind onto the palm of his right  hand, watching as the overlapping spirals seemed to draw themselves. Being one of the high warlocks, Magnus had created quite a strong spell to block this door from entry, it even had a glamour on it to make it look like a picture to some of the lower skilled shadowhunters.


Alex felt a tugging sensation from his palm and put his stele away. The rune itself was incredibly detailed, and looked like something a Faerie would use. He shrugged off the shiver of disgust at wearing a Faerie rune and decided it was worth it to finally see this part of Magnus's life. He placed his right hand over the centre of the door and mumbled the word "Kāi". The spell Magnus had used dissipated and seemed to melt away from the door. This also took away all of the glamour and restraint upon the door, and Alex immediately took an involuntary step back because the darkness seemed to suddenly radiate from it. Alex swallowed and moved closer again, pleased with himself that he was able to remove it.


"You would think a warlock would know how to magic a door so locked that not even a higher demon could open it, but nope, doors will always be open to me." Alex chuckled darkly.

He pulled the door wide and peered into the darkness, he could just about make out the stairs leading upwards, "So its to an attic," he said out loud to no-one in particular, "I didn't know we had an attic."

He created flames in his hand again and held them up to try and see the top of the stairs, and he could vaguely make them out.


"What. No fancy lights or anything? Jeez, this is probably why the door looked so bad. Magnus probably didn't want anyone seeing anything not bright and colourful like this." Alex grumbled.

He moved slowly towards the bottom step, and started to walk up them. The darkness completely engulfing his surroundings so much so that he had to hold his flames a couple of inches from the ground in order to see the next step. He counted 37 steps on the way up. When he reached the top of the stairs, the room's dark aura hit him full on, and he fell forwards onto his hands and knees, startled for breath, and flamed dissipating from his hand. The darkness covered him, but he moved his hand and could feel what he hoped was a lamp. Alex fumbled for the switch and turned it on.

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