soul mate

18 year old Emilee and her friends are walking home from school and they hear screaming come from an old brick building. Read my book to find out what happens.


1. screams

Emilee's POV

My friends and I were walking home from school and we all heard a scream come from an old building and Mackenzie said, "What was that?" I said, "I have no clue but lets get out of here!" So all of us start to run and Sydney trips over a rock! I said, "Are you okay?" She says, "yea" and we start to run again. When we got to main st. we all stopped running because we were 2 blocks way from where we heard the scream, so we thought it was safe. We sat down and I said, "Did you get cut Sydney." She said yea so we had to walk to my house because it was the closest .When we got to my house I told my parents that i was home and that Sydney got cut on a rock. They said okay and to get a bandage.

Mackenzie's POV

When we got to Emilee's house she went up stairs to tell her parents that Sydney got cut and got a bandage when she came back down she asked us if we knew what that was I said, " I don't know. But it was a little creep." "A little! it was really creepy," Sydney announced..........


[sorry this chapter was so short I'll update in a few bye:)]


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