Codename "Apocalypse"

Four soldiers, trained with the best, know only to the highest in command, shadows to the rest. Believed to be MIA somewhere in Vietnam years ago....but wise men know better then to believe that, there just waiting for the next order.


1. Vietnam

Blow out his kneecaps. The shots echoed through the tunnel's of the Gen.'s private chambers. General Khong's screams of pain were quiet compared to his yells of anger at us. You four will die in this hole with me, he bragged as if he was surprising us, quickly pulling his pistol in the hopes of taking out at least one of us. Hearing a loud metallic click he laughed, but soon was overcome with pain for it wasn't the sound of the gun he heard, it was a sound of a blade piercing his hand and embedding it in a crate he laid against. With the fear of death coming closer, Khong tried bargaining with the hopes of survival, but in vain. The soldiers proclaimed we don't bargain, we don't run, we don't lose, we adapt, overcome, and achieve. With his cries of pain becoming not annoying, but the pathetic, another blade pierced his throat, not killing him, only severing his vocal chords. While the general drawled his final breath one soldier drew close to his face and at eye level explained. "We came down here without thoughts of leaving, the tunnels behind us are rigged with explosives."trying to mouth the word crazy, but with no voice the Gen. only spit at him. The nameless soldier began to countdown...5...4...3...2...1...Apocalypse....


Team 117 this is forward command...

Team 117 this is forward command, report...

Gen. Black this is forward command reporting team 117 MIA, last known location, Hill 342, war zone Alpha, Vietnam

Time: 1432

Date: June 16

Year: 1969

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