Codename "Apocalypse"

Four soldiers, trained with the best, know only to the highest in command, shadows to the rest. Believed to be MIA somewhere in Vietnam years ago....but wise men know better then to believe that, there just waiting for the next order.


2. this world...

In the 21st century Oil is becoming less and less accessible, causing gas prices to rise. Soon resources also begin to decrease causing towns to fight for survival. Seeing these problems country's soon worked together to keep there people alive and calm.

But there are those who believe the world should be in chaos, these people united from around the world, calling themselves "Juggernaut". They give the impression of being invincible, untouchable, and able to withstand any force against them. For years of resistance against this great force the world is not been able to erase this foe who threatens to corrupt humanity.


American forces assist South American leaders in repealing Juggernaut forces trying to destroy vital solar panels powering many of the country's cities. But in this battle there are hidden adjectives, ending with a we'll needed reunion.

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