Codename "Apocalypse"

Four soldiers, trained with the best, know only to the highest in command, shadows to the rest. Believed to be MIA somewhere in Vietnam years ago....but wise men know better then to believe that, there just waiting for the next order.


5. re-up, the new mission

So what do you want from us. Grabbing deaths shoulder, black explained to the team. The world has finally reached peace with each other, but against a common enemy, they call themselves Juggernauts. They all laughed at the old general, looking each other in the eye. They clam to be an unstoppable force that will send the world to anarchy.Even an unstoppable juggernaut, cant survive an apocalypse, war quickly reacted. If we take the mission, that's the end, we're done, no more games, no more bullshit. This is our final mission

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