Codename "Apocalypse"

Four soldiers, trained with the best, know only to the highest in command, shadows to the rest. Believed to be MIA somewhere in Vietnam years ago....but wise men know better then to believe that, there just waiting for the next order.


3. re-activate

General Black, this is Lt. Gen. Chess, shaking hands Chess complimented, " I've heard great story's of you Gen. Story's I could only hope could be told of me." Those story's only remind me of the pain I've seen, there nothing to be proud of, he remarked. Even so your my statement stands Gen. Now as you can see we have the enemy forces at a stand still at the beaches...I'm not here for this pitiful attack, Black announced. In his confusion, Chess asked, what are you here for? This is need to know only basis, you don't have the authorization, but what I do need from you is a small squad for security detail. Eight of your best should do fine. Now wait, with anger in his voice Chess protested, I need these men on the front lines, not running security for some mission I have no idea about. Lt. Gen. Chess! Hold you mouth or I'll make sure another word never comes from it again. Now as I was saying, I'll also need one chopper, with heavy pay loads, we leave at 1500.

The sound of the black hawks roared across the hills as they flew over head, the soldiers inside silent as they wait for arrival at this unknown location. When one of them worked up the nerve to ask the old general, he simply replied with, " for a drink boys, just a drink." They all looked around confused. The pilot, who had not spoken the way, spoke up to Black, he let out to his small squad, we've reached our checkpoint, prepare to drop in 5.

When the general stepped out, his team had already set up a perimeter around the black hawk, the air being vacuumed up around him from the choppers propellers. Black gave a quick hand signal and without moving the chopper rose behind him. He looked to the commanding Sargent, insuring his men were ready. Let's find the bar, I'm parched, Black let out. Confused the Sargent looked to his men, let's move out!

Walking threw town, trying to look as casual as they could, the Sargent asked the old general, "what is this mission really for sir, my men know your not here for a good drink?" General Black laughed as he replied, son only a fool or an idiot would think that's why we're here, no I'm looking for old friends boy, that's all. Enough questions, we're here. Sargent I go in alone, understood, no matter what you hear, no one enters. Bit sir, the soldier hesitated. That's an order, Sargent! He understood and nodded.

Walking in, the general looked to be just another old man looking for the right drink to drowned is pity in. He walked to the bar, scanning the room, given there was the bartender, one guy at the bar, two in the back, and three in the corner. Three to many he muttered under his breath. The bartender looked him over as asked what he's having. Black announced, I'm having four men, if I can find the right ones. The bartender laughed and asked, did you get kicked out of one bar just to come to this one, no ones like that here old man. The old general laughed as tho he was in a drunken state, yes but not just any men, four, unique men with special talents. The men in the bar started to look around at each other wondering what the old man was going on about.

The general turned to the tables and with a voice like thunder he simply muttered, TEAM 117, CODENAME "APOCALYPSE." The man at the bar froze, but wasn't the only one, one of the two men in the back did as we'll, along with two of the three on the side. The three men left in the room couldn't understand what the old man had done. The bartender quickly pulled a shotgun from behind the bar and yelled, get out of my bar! The general turned, I wouldn't do that son. Shut up! He yelled as he went to cock the gun, but couldn't pull the pump back, for the man at the bar was holding him back. Quickly with no effort he pulled the gun from him and with no hesitation turned it on its previous handler. The man then whispered to general Black, "disarm?" Black replied, yes, don't do anything rash. With four loud metallic clicks the shell of the gun were now on the floor and the gun useless. With fear crawling into them, the two remaining men ran out, with the bartender not far behind.

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