Codename "Apocalypse"

Four soldiers, trained with the best, know only to the highest in command, shadows to the rest. Believed to be MIA somewhere in Vietnam years ago....but wise men know better then to believe that, there just waiting for the next order.


4. debrief

Quickly, with the sharpest movement the man dropped the shotgun and had a blade to the generals neck before he could even blink. He then asked, how long have we been out? 49 years son, 49. How much do you remember john.

We don't have names anymore general, john said as he lowered the blade, call me death. Black laughed for a moment, then asked for the others. Adam, jack, Daniel, how are you boys. One of the men answered, we left those names in nam. We go by the horsemen names. The general thought for a moment, trying to figure out the horsemen they spoke of, then it hit him, the apocalypse horsemen? Exactly old man, death let out. Black looked at each man, trying to put there names with there skills.

Death, riflemen, and also the best knife and blade handler in the world, ex green beret. Conquest, sniper, a bull to shoot a blade of grass off a toothpick at 1000 yards, and leave the toothpick perfectly intact, ex marine. War, automatic riflemen, loves his big weapons, can carry 3x the amount any other soldier could, ex ranger. Then there's famine, the grenadier, can take a small explosive and make it deadly to an entire base, ex navy seal. War came closer to the old general, you figured us out pretty quick, he snarled like a wild beast. Death reached behind the bar and pulled to glasses ad a bottle of whiskey, sit down and tell me why we remember everything now, what exactly did you do to us?

Black took a long, intoxicating drink of the whiskey, as if trying to drowned old memory's, he then began his story. Vietnam caused us to go to great lengths to try to win over the hearts of not only that nation, but our own revolting one. The citizens of theUnited States did not take it so we'll when we first went to Vietnam, they hated it, they said we were only there to take over, even tho we did our best to help. So instead of frontal attacks the media could use to twist our reasons for being there, we went for a more secret approach.

Conquest interrupted, team 117 was your secret, us. Yes the general let out under his breath. You four have skills we never thought possible even from a full 50 man platoon. But we had to make sure you couldn't be captured...and broken after your last mission. Death muttered, general Khong, that fucker couldn't even give is life without begging...and those kongs called him a leader. His fist clenched as he thought of past kill. So tell us why we can't remember our lives past that mission. Russian brain washing, with an American twist, black chuckled, but with dead silence surrounding him. We brainwashed your team into having their memories blanked when the order was given from your vocal patterns. The command, was your countdown followed by the word Apocalypse. With silence filling the room, the four soldiers looked at black. Death pounded the bar, your telling me I blanked my men's lives!

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