Crimson Dreams (Jeff the Killer/werewolf romance)

When midnight finds out she isn't as normal, she wakes up to not remember a thing. She finds out a big secret about herself. And if that isn't bad enough. She has a mate. Wait theres more. He's a murderer. She doesn't remember the one thing that makes her mate so special to her. Will her memories ever come back or will she learn how to adapt to her life? New Life, New Memories. Will she figure everything out by the end or will she be stuck in her bloody crimson dreams...


2. Second Greetings

           I looked around, searching for my escape. I can't stay here.


           A nerve inside me longed for the forestry. I needed the cover. The window on the far wall was slightly open. Here's my chance. I used my head to push it open more and looked down to a long jump.


           I leapt and landed on a nearby branch. I hopped from branch to branch, making my easy escape. I touched the soft grass and pondered over the idea of food. I was starving.


           I trotted to the beginning of the forest and turned around. The boy and a tall man were running toward me.

           "Midnight, no! You will endanger yourself!" The tall man disappeared. A hand extended toward me. I AM NOT A DOG.


           I did as my instincts told me. The tall man jumped back, holding his hand as blood poured out of the marks I made.

          "Slenderman! Leave her alone! She's afraid of you!" Another boy jumped from the tree about ten feet away from me. A white hood covered his face.


          The boy took off his hood to reveal features that would have only repulsed other people, but only drew me in closer to this stranger. His eyes, unblinking, met with mine as his cheeky, cut in smile grew wider. "Midnight...come here. Let's go to my house and we can get you cleaned up." I followed obediently. I felt I could trust him.


          "But Jeff, she may not know who we are, there is a possibility she may run away and back to her human family." The tall man took a small step forward, to clarify his false point, and I turned and growled defensibly at him, guarding Jeff from his reach.

          "Um...Slenderman? I think I've seen this sort of thing on Animal Planet...I think Jeff is Midnight's...mate..." Masky stuttered, obviously embarrassed by the fact. I had no clue what he meant. I stood my ground with no regard to my confusion.


          My instincts jumped at the word. My stomach did flips and my heart pounded.


          As he will always be. The smell of blood filled my nose and I looked to my left. An elk was beyond the bushes. I stared hungrily at the path to my meal.


         That was the last word that clouded my mind as did the black that faded my vision.

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