Crimson Dreams (Jeff the Killer/werewolf romance)

When midnight finds out she isn't as normal, she wakes up to not remember a thing. She finds out a big secret about herself. And if that isn't bad enough. She has a mate. Wait theres more. He's a murderer. She doesn't remember the one thing that makes her mate so special to her. Will her memories ever come back or will she learn how to adapt to her life? New Life, New Memories. Will she figure everything out by the end or will she be stuck in her bloody crimson dreams...


4. Looking for Her (Jeff's POV)

          "I am here, standing on Main Street, to witness a tragedy. Almost all of the citizens who live or walked on this small street were brutally slaughtered. Witnesses say it was a crimson colored wolf,  with red piercing eyes, that committed the murder. Animal specialists say they disagree."

          A woman with a white coat was now on the poorly directed camera. "I have never heard of a crimson colored wolf. It's just impossible."

          I turned off the TV. Why would she do this? I mean it was brilliant, but why? It is unlike her. What if she isn't the Midnight I fell in love with? No. She is just mad and scared. I need to find her. I grabbed my knife off of the counter and started to search.

  Midnight's POV

          I stood over the long drop. My lungs filled with the open air of the world. I was suspended above the clouds...before I fell. I fell and I fell for an eternity. Jeff's voice filled my ears. "Don't go to sleep..." Feathers surrounded me. I spread my wings and flew. No longer below the clouds. I flew.

          Light shined on my eyes. It wasn't the sun in which I had last seen. A steady beeping was in my ears. "She's waking up, but we aren't finished! Put her back under." The voice slurred a little.

          A growl escaped my throat. "No...I WON'T GO TO SLEEP!" I sat up quickly as a needle entered my arm. I yanked it out and threw it across the room.

          "Why isn't she asleep yet? This is impossible!" One of the voices was the lead doctor. He tried to hold me down.

          "I WILL NOT SLEEP," I yelled, jumping over their heads, shifting mid-jump. Shocked faces stared back at me.

          "Why didn't you tell me she was the wolf from Main Street!?" The doctor scolded the others. "Grab her. I have something special for her."

          One of the people in the room pounced on me and I couldn't move. The doctor grabbed a syringe and inserted it into my side. I whined at the immense pain that spread through me. It soon faded and I backed into the corner. I wasn't getting out of here anytime soon.

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