Crimson Dreams (Jeff the Killer/werewolf romance)

When midnight finds out she isn't as normal, she wakes up to not remember a thing. She finds out a big secret about herself. And if that isn't bad enough. She has a mate. Wait theres more. He's a murderer. She doesn't remember the one thing that makes her mate so special to her. Will her memories ever come back or will she learn how to adapt to her life? New Life, New Memories. Will she figure everything out by the end or will she be stuck in her bloody crimson dreams...


3. Breakfast

          My eyes opened to an unpainted, wooden roof. I lay on purple satin sheets with a black pillows and a black bed frame. My feet found the floor as I looked down at my attire. I wore a blue button down shirt and socks.

          "Why me?" I whispered this under my breath as my eyes lingered to my shredded clothes on the floor. I grabbed my pants and headed to the bathroom. I pulled an item out of the pocket as I looked into the mirror at my opposite. She looked sad, depressed. Her hair was knotted and her lips her uneven. I opened my hand and in my palm was my escape. "Just one.." Blood dropped to the floor as line by line was made on my highly fragile body. The blade glided across my stomach and I looked at the blood on my hands. My mouth watered instantly. I shook my head and came back to my senses. Blood was everywhere. I had to hide it. And fast.

          I finished wiping up the blood and hiding the razors. I thought, "I guess I'm wearing long sleeves today..." I threw Jeff's shift away and put his socks in the hamper. That's when I caught a scent in my nose. It was...bacon... Bacon! I practically jumped to the bottom of the stairs as I saw Jeff placing huge plates of bacon on the table along with biscuits and beans from Popeyes. I ran and hugged him. "BACON!!!"

          He staggered a bit. "Well, that wasn't the greeting I expected, but it'll do. Come on I'm starving. I'm sure you are too after what you and your pack did to Jane."

          I was already in my chair eating when he said her name. An inhumane growl escaped my throat and then my look turned to confusion. "What did we do to Jane?"

          "She's dead. You hunted while your pack finished the job." He smiled and ate some beans. "And that was a heck of a kill."

          I laughed. I couldn't believe it! She was finally dead! I stretched out of morning fatigue.

          As I did Jeff asked, "What's that on your arm?"

          Oh no. I slowly brought my arms down. "What do you mean?"

          "On your arm. There is something on your arm." He walked over to me and lifted my sleeve as I tried to pull away, to hide my shame, but he wouldn't release my arm. Cuts aligned my wrist and forearm. "Come on." He gently pushed me up the stairs and into my room. "I need to see all the cuts. Show me."


          "Show. Me." I lifted my other sleeve to reveal more incisions. My pants were difficult so I had to lower them to my knees, making sure my shirt hang over my pelvis, to present my slightly bloody thighs. I removed my hair to reveal shallow cuts on the back of my neck. Jeff looked hurt. "Why would you hurt yourself?"

          Tears streamed down my cheeks. "I-" A wave of pain shot into my throat and I yelped, falling on all fours, but once the pain was there, it was gone. I remembered my current situation and I whimpered.

          Jeff stood in his place, but started toward me. I growled defensively and backed away. I fled his cabin through the front door and out into the forest, on a hunt for blood.

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