One Shot

Is it really me?? Am I the one?? Can I be sure! Read to find out!!


1. prologue

I take one good look up. Take a deep breath and shoot... And it's good!! I spin around my eyes bigger then ever as I had made the winning goal for the British girls team.

I was unexpectedly tackled by my loving team members. With cheers and slaps on butt congratulating me. I said quick thank you but my mind was distracted from looking for the one I really wanted to see.

as I was giving up I out my head down and started picking up my belongings when my chin was all of a sudden gently pulled up by a very well known soft, warm delicate hand as I smiled I whispered I thought you weren't going to come. As he whispered back baby I wouldn't miss it for the world. His soft lips fell in perfect sink with mine as I long for them to be for so many days that have been absent from mine.... I was for sure now that I know how I feel

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