Latin Girl

About a girl named rosemary who has been Justin's friend since they were born. She has had a crush on him since she was 10, but he never noticed. After a year without seeing each other spark something? Or will she go unnoticed again? Read and I guarantee you will love it


12. The secret is out

•chapter 11•

Once we got back from Ellen, Justin had to go to the studio with Scooter. I turned on 'E!' and news of my pregnancy and our relationship had spread much more quickly than I thought it would.

"Tonight, is Justin Bieber going to be a teen dad to his old childhood friend? Well, the answer is yes," then they showed a small clip of the interview when I was saying I was the mystery girl and I'm four months pregnant with Justin's baby, "that clip was from the interview they both had on Ellen today. Justin confirms that it is his baby. The girl's name is Rosemary Juanitia Gonzalez, and she too, is Canadian. Next month, they are going to find out if it is a boy or girl. We are going to keep you posted." I turned off the tv and went on Twitter. I had gained over 9,000 followers compared to yesterday. I suspected most of them were Justin's fans. I checked Justin's page and sure enough, some of his fans hate me. But, honestly, I don't care. 

"I'm back, babe." Justin said as he walked through the door. he bent over the back of the couch where I was laying down at and kissed me.

"How was it?" I asked.

"Good. Just some business, you know?" He said as he put his jacket on the chair. he moved my legs to sit down and put them on his lap. "So how was your day while I was gone?"

"Im Twitter famous." I smiled.

"Haha," He mocked,"very funny."

"I'm serious."

"I know." He smiled.

'Wanna do me a favor?"


"Get me the remote."

"It's 5 inches away."

"Please." I smiled.

"Fine," He got me the remote, "So where is everyone?"

"Jeremy and your brother and sister went out to get us all McDonalds and your mom went down to the school to finalize some things." I explained.

"So we are alone?" He asked.

"Don't get any ideas, your dad texted me 10 minutes ago he's on the way."

"Do your eyes still hurt from the paparazzi on the way home?"

"I kind of got used to it." I said as I turned on Big Bang Theory. My favorite show.

"I told you you would eventually."

"We're back." Jeremy said as he had McDonalds in his hand. Justin got up and helped.

"Rose." Jazzy said.


"Can you have a girl so I can play with her?" 

"I can't choose if I can or not."

"Okay." She smiled and ran off to eat her food. Then Pattie came.

"I'm back."

"Good timing, mom. Food just came." Justin said. Then Pattie sat down and we ate McDonalds


"Rose." Justin said. I was brushing my teeth. i spit out the toothpaste.


"I need to tell you something important."

"Then tell me."

"Hi." I threw a pillow at him.

"You're stupid and mental." I said to him.

"You're mean." Justin said. I smiled at him.

"I'm not THAT mean." He smiled. I sat on top of him. "I love you." he said.

"I love you, too." We smiled at each other. I leaned in and kissed him. That made my night. He kissed me just like he did that night back in June. His soft lips felt so good on my lips as they collided just like that night. My hands were playing with his hair while his hands were rubbing my back. He laid down, so since I was on top of him, I landed on him. We were still making out and we did for the rest of the night...


"Morning." Said Scooter.

"Morning." Both Justin and I said.

"You guys were loud last night. Well, Rose was." I blushed.

"What are you talking about?" Justin asked.

"When you guys were watching the movie upstairs and couldn't stop laughing. What did you think I was talking about?"

"Same thing." Justin said. I turned on the news to see what was going on lately.

"In other news, Justin Bieber is becoming a father with his grilfriend, Rosemary. I think they are so cute together, don't you think? I support every decision they make together and I wish them both happiness." 

"See?," Justin said, "no one hates you like you thought they would. A lot of people are supporting us, Rose." He smiled. 



Hey guys. I will try to make chapter 12 tomorrow. SPOILER ALERT: In chapter 14 you will find out if the baby is a boy or girl and his/her name. :) Goodnight/Goodmorning depending on where you live.

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