Latin Girl

About a girl named rosemary who has been Justin's friend since they were born. She has had a crush on him since she was 10, but he never noticed. After a year without seeing each other spark something? Or will she go unnoticed again? Read and I guarantee you will love it


11. The rest of the biebers are here

•chapter 10•

(4 months later)

I live with Justin in Atlanta. The school sytem is very different compared to Canada. I miss all my friends and I've only been in school since August. I am four months pregnant and I already have a medium bump. Lately, I have been wearing baggy shirts to school so no one will notice. I told my bestfriend, Sabrina, a month ago. It sucks that she lives in Canada becuase i cant talk to her face to face and hangout like we always did. Thankfuly, I have Justin and Pattie. Today, Jeremy flew in today with Jaxon and Jazmyn. I only meet the kids 3 times, but I've meet Jeremy countless times before. I haven't seem any of them since I got pregnant. Justin told Jeremy about the time when I moved in that I was pregnant. He had the same reaction as Pattie, but just like Pattie, he had come to accept our decision.

"I'm home from school." I yelled as i walked in the house. Justin was home schooled and today was my last day since we are going on Ellen tomorrow to clear the truth. I will soon be home schooled with Justin.

"How was the last day of school, babe?" He asked.

"Tiring as always. Thank god I'm going to be going to the same 'school' as you." I said. Then Justin smiled.

"My dad is in the living room with my brother and sister."

"Great. I haven't seen them in forever. Will they look at me weird though?"

"You're barely even showing. I'm sure they won't notice." He reassured. 

"Alright." Then we walked in the living room where Jaxon was asleep on the couch and Jazmyn was watching tv with her dad. Then Jeremy got up and walked to me and hugged me.

"It's been so long." He said.

"It has. It"s good to see you and the kids." I smiled then waved at Jazmyn. She was in Justin's arms. He is going to be such a good dad.

"So, how far along are you?"

"Umm, im four months."

"Boy or girl?" He asked.

"We found out next month, dad." Justin said.

"So, where's Pattie?" I asked. She is usually the first one to greet me when I come home from school.

"She went to the store so we can have hamburgers for dinner tonight." Jeremy said.

"Dad?" Jaxon said. He woke up.

"I'm right here." Then Jeremy picked up Jaxon and put him on his lap.

"Justin. Lets go to your room." Said Jazmyn. She loved to watch Justin play Xbox. She loved him period.

"I'm back." Pattie said as she walked through the door. She had 3 grocery bags. Grabbed one out of her hand to help her. "Thanks. How was your last day of school?"


"Here Rosemary. Grab Jaxon and bring him to Justin''s room with Jazmyn so we can make dinner." Jeremy said. I grabbed out of his arms. He was still waking up so his head was on my shoulder. All 4 of us went up to Justin's room.

"Justin." Jazmyn said. Oh she adored him. It was so cute and he loved her so much.


"I-I-I want to play with you." She smiled.

"Ok Jazzy." Then she hands her a controller and the start playing Call of Duty


"Today was good." Said Justin changing into his pajamas.

"It was." i said already in bed. Jeremy was sleeping in the guest room while Jaxon and Jazmyn were sleeping in the other guest room across the hall. I can hear Jaxon already snoring and Jazzy moving around.

"I missed them." Justin said getting in bed.

"Of course you did. They're your little brother and sister. And Jazzy adores you."

"She does?"

"C'mon Justin, don't act stupid. She looks up to you."

"Isn't that what a little sister is supposed to do with her big brother?"

"I guess. I'm a single child so I don't really know."

"Justin?" Jazzy came walking in the room. She just woke up, according to the circles under her eyes.

"Yes?" Justin said.

"I had a nightmare." She said walking to Justin's side of the bed.

"What happened?" He said as he picked her up and sat her down between both of us.

"Daddy was a monster and you and Jaxon weren't there."

"I'm not going to leave you okay?"

"Can I sleep here?"

"Of course." He said. Her wish was his command. Then she layed down and put her little head on Justin's chest while he wraped one arm around her.

"Goodnight Justin and Rose." She said. Then she dozed off. So did Justin and he was going to make such a good dad. They looked the same. I dozed off dreaming of Justin holding a baby. It was blurry, so I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl, but i didn't matter becuase the baby was small, cute, and healthy.


"And then, and then, we can go to Disneyland!" Jaxon said as I woke up. Jazzy and Jaxon were sitting on the bed and talking to Justin as he was brushing his teeth.

"Morning Rose." Jazzy said.

"Goodmorning Jazmyn."

"Yea, we could Jaxon. But not until he or she is older."

"Okay." He said. I guess they were talking about the baby.

"JUSTIN!" Pattie screamed from downstairs. Justin spit out the toothpaste and ran downstairs. I grabbed the kids and took off after Justin.

"Who are you?!?!" I heard Justin scream. I decided it wasn't safe for the kids to be downstairs, so I kept them in the room with me. I heard a bunch of glass shadering and heard someone scream. It sounded like Justin. "Call 911!" I heard Justin scream.

"What happened to Justin?" Asked Jazmyn. All 3 of us new something had gone terribly wrong downstairs.

"I don't know. Let's go, but stay next to me okay?" They both nodded. Then we walked down the stairs and saw a man on the floor who was knocked unconsious. Justin's hand was bleeding.

"What happened?" I asked.

"There was a robber, but I hit him in the head with the vase."

"Then why is your hand bleeding?"

"He stabbed me."

"Are you okay?"

"Im fine."

"Where's daddy?" Jazzy asked.

"Yea mom, wheres dad?" Justin asked, hand still bleeding.

"He went to go help Kenny and Scooter do something. The cops and the paramedics are on their way." Pattie said. Then Jazzy ran to Justin and and he carried her with his free hand.

"Are you okay?" Jazzy asked.

"I'm fine." He said to her with a smile. Then a knock on the door. I opened it and then the cop and paramedics came in. 

"Is the guy on the floor the armed robber?"

"Yes." Justin said. They hancuffed him and carried him in the cop car. They drove away as the paramedics came to treat his hand.

"You are going to need stiches." The paramedic said. Then Justin put Jazzy down so they can put stiches in his hand,

"What happened?!?" Jeremy said as he walked in the house with Kenny and Scooter.

"A robber came in the house. I hit him in the head with a vase and knocked him unconsious."

"Then why are you bleeding?" Scooter asked.

"He stabbed me."

"Are you okay?" Jeremy asked.

"I'm fine, dad."

"How about the kids, Rose and your mom?" Kenny asked.

"We are all fine. I was upstairs with the kids." I explained.

"All done. Consider yourself lucky. He could of killed you." The paramedic said.

"I know."

"Rest and take it easy."


"I'm sorry, Justin." Pattie apologized.

"It wasn't your fault, mom." Justin hugged Pattie.

"Lets get this glass cleaned up before someone steps on it." Kenny said as he started sweeping. I started to help out.

"Your pregnant. Go sit down and I'll clean, babe." Justin said.

"You have stiches in your hand and I'm not even big."


"Ugh, fine. Only if you dont help becuase of your hand."

"You are very difficult."

"I know." I smiled and kissed him. He smiled back.

"Justin, I know you're hurt but we have to be at Ellen in 27 minutes." Scooter said. Shoot, I totally forgot about the interview. Justin and I walked upstairs and got ready.


"Now welcome Justin Bieber and his beutiful girlfriend!" The music came on as Jusin and I came on the stage. We sat down. "So Justin, this is the first time you are comfirming this lovely girl is your girlfriend right now?"

"Yes." Justin said.


"Well, beacuase she was going to a public school since August and I didn't want her to get mobbed for dating me."

"So, why did you stop going to public school? And what is your name?" She asked me.

"My name is Rosemary or Rose, and umm the reason i stopped going to public school is becuase I am four months pregnant." The audience gasped. "I was actually the 'mystery girl' that Justin was seen around back in New York. I got pregnant back in July."

"So how did you guys meet?"

"Well, that's the funny part becuase I have known Justin since we were born. Literally."

'So you know everything about Rose?" she asked Justin.'

"Of course."

'Mind if we do a test?"

"Go ahead."

"Okay Rose, I want you to ask the questions." Ellen said. I nodded. "Okay, go."

"My favorite colour."

"Red, but not the typical red, like fire red."

"He's right. My middle name."

"Juanita."He smiled.

"Good. Tricky one. What time was I born?"

"Umm..7:26 a.m"

"Wow Justin. You know her inside and out." Ellen said. "And that is it for the show. Next Wensday we are having Katy Perry on the show. Bye everyone!" She stood up and the music turned on. Then 10 minutes later, we left the studio and headed home.

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