Latin Girl

About a girl named rosemary who has been Justin's friend since they were born. She has had a crush on him since she was 10, but he never noticed. After a year without seeing each other spark something? Or will she go unnoticed again? Read and I guarantee you will love it


13. Pattie not now...please

•chapter 12•

"Please rise." The judge said as Justin stood up. "State your full name."

"Justin Bieber."

"You promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?" The asked.

"Yes sir." Justin said as he rose his right hand. We were in court becuase Justin pressed charges on the robber for stabbing him and breaking in to his house.

"Alright. Please state the charges you are pressing on Mr. Jones."

"I'll like to charge him for stabbing me and robbing my home."

"What are the damages?"

"I had to get 5 stiches in my hand and i need to replace the front gate and the door of my home, your honor." Justin stated. He looked so good in his suit.

"The amount of money?"

"$300 for the gate and $180 for the door."

"Alright. Do you have a witness to the crime?" The judge said. I stood up.

"Me, sir."

"Your name? Full please." This judge must not be in touch with news these days. He didnt know Justin or me.

"Rosemary Gonzalez." I said.

"What happened on that day?"

"Well Justin was brushing his teeth while his little brother was talking to him. Then Pattie, his mother, started to scream and Justin ran downstairs and fought off the intruder." I said.

"I see."

"Yes, then the intruder had stabbed me in the hand, but he was aiming for my chest." Justin said.


Justin and I walked out of the court room. Then about 100 paparazzi started to take our picture and asked questions.

"Did you win the case?" One asked. Justin turned to him.

"We have won our case." He told the man.

"How is your hand Justin?" He asked another question.

"It's recovering, but you know I'm only human so it's going to take time. I know my beliebers are worrying about me, but I am fine."

"How are you and Rose?" A girl asked.

"We are doing good." He smiled at me and held me closer. I couldn't see him becuase all the lights flashing, I was pratically blind.

"How far along are you Rose?" She asked me.

"Im four and a half months. We are going to know the sex next month." I said, then Justin grabbed my hand and pulled through the crowd of lights into the black SUV.

"How was it?" Jeremy said. He picked us up.

"Good. We won." Justin said as he sat in the front seat. I was in the back seat with Jazzy and Jaxon, who were both sleeping in their car seats.

"That's good. Pattie is at the house ready with dinner."

"What are we having?" Justin asked.

"Spaggetti for us, plain noodles for the kids."

"We are being followed." I said as the guy behind us kept copying our every move on the road.

"It's paparazzi. They're crazy like that, Rose." Justin said. I've only been in this 'high life' for 3 weeks, so I'm not us to them yet. I nodded and stared out the window thinking while Justin and Jeremy were talking about Michael Jackson's death.

*Sabrina was my bestfriend back in Canada. People are now trying to be her bestfriend since they know I am and I know Justin Bieber. Or so she told me. Gosh, these stupid paparazzi are annoying how they follow us everywhere we go. Don't they have lifes? Or families?*

"Rose?" Justin asked.


"Did you hear my question?"


"Boy or girl?"

"For what?" I asked.

"The baby, smart one."


"And that's why it's going to be a girl, dad." Justin said to Jeremy

"Just becuase both of you want a girl, doesn't mean the baby is a girl." Jeremy said as we pulled into the drive way. We walked out of the car while 5 paparazzi were taking pictures of jeremy grapping sleeping Jaxon and Justin grabbing sleeping Jaxon. There have been more paparazzi since they found out that I was pregnant and Justin was the father. 

"Hey mom," Justin said as we walked in, "smells good."

"Thanks. C'mon lets eat!" Pattie said happily. Jeremy woke up the kids and we ate.

"This is really Pattie." I said.

"So have you guys thought about baby names?"

"No, mom." Justin said. I took a sip of water. It was nice.

"How about marriage?" She said. I chocked on my water.

"What?" me and Justin said.

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