Latin Girl

About a girl named rosemary who has been Justin's friend since they were born. She has had a crush on him since she was 10, but he never noticed. After a year without seeing each other spark something? Or will she go unnoticed again? Read and I guarantee you will love it


7. Its good for now

•chapter 6•


I woke up an hour later, and Justin wasn't next to me. I got up and checked around and he wasn't any where. I looked in the hallway mirror and I didn't look bad.


"Rose? Where are you?" I heard Justin ask.


"In the kitchen." I answered.


"What's with all the yelling?" I heard Scooter asked.


"Yeah." Kenny followed.


"Nothing." I said. I went to the tv and turned it on to 'E!'.


"Justin Bieber just two days away from his big concert in Madison Square Garden, and he is seen around the big city with a mystery girl. Just yesterday we saw Biebs manager, Scooter, walk out of a drug store with a pregnancy test in a paper bag and gave it to Justin inside the car," my jaw dropped as they showed pictures of Justin and I in the car, "and drove away. Can this 15 year old pop sensation get this small town girl pregnant? Stay tuned to find more. After the commercial we will talk about Lindsay Lohan going to rehab again."


I turned the tv off and Justin just stood next to me and walked off as if nothing happened. I followed him.


"How can you be so calm? My mom watches that. What if sh-." My phone started ringing. It said 'Mama'. "Catch!" I said to Justin as I threw the phone at him.


"Think fast." He said as he threw it to Kenny.


"Not my problem." He handed it to Scooter.


"Immature." Scooter said as he answered the phone. "Hello Ms. Gonzalez...Yes...right the store getting some necessary stuff...I believe you'll want to talk to Rose over that...Yes," he handed me the phone,"she wants to talk to you."


"Gee. Thanks." I rolled my eyes. "Hey mom."


"Are you pregnant?" She asked.


"Let me explain."


"¿Cómo has podido quedar embarazada a los 15?!? Eres demasiado joven. ¿Es Justin?" She said.


*Translation:How could you get pregnant at 15?!? You're too young.Is it Justin's?*


"Yes mom and I know."


"Why?" She asked.


"I'm sorry."


"I'll pick you up after the concert."


"Here or there?"


"Your here my there."


"Alright." I said. Then I hung up. The room was quite.


"What did she say?" Scooter asked.


"Just yelled at me in Spanish. Can I crash here for the next two nights? She sounds pretty mad."


"Of course." Justin said. He kissed me and turned to Scooter. "I'm taking a shower."


"Alright." He nodded his head. Then Justin walked to the bathroom and closed the door. We heard the shower turn on and heard him get in it.




I jumped on Justin and sat on top of him and kissed him.


"Hey Justin." I said slowly.


"What do you want Gonzalez?" He knew my 'I want something' voice.



"Oh nothing." I smiled. He raised an eyebrow.



"You want something. I don't think I'll like it." 


"You know me so well."


"Spit it out or I'll tickle you to death."


"You can't kill me. I'm carrying your child."


"Mhmm." He rolled his eyes and smiled. "Tell me or I'll tickle you."


"I'm in the mood for chocolate."




"Can I have the rest of your secret stash?" I asked. Then Scooter walked in.


"Here's the last one," he threw it to me, "I ate the rest." Then I ate it.


"Aww that wasn't cool, man." Justin said to Scooter.


"Too bad, so sad." I said after I finished my last bite. Then I kissed him and got off of him. Scooter walked out of the room.


"You're mean." He put his puppy face on as he faced me.


"Thank you." I smiled. He rolled his eyes.


"Fine I guess your lip gloss will suffer." He said as he got off the bed and opened my bag.


"You wouldn't."


"I would." He took out my lipgloss and ran. I ran after him.


"Give it back Bieber!" I yelled. Then he opened the door and ran out of the bus and I followed him. Then a bunch of paparazzi started taking pictures of us as I ran into his arms. I was blinded by the lights and I hid my face into Justin's shoulder.


"Who are you?"


"What's your name?"


"Are you pregnant?"


"Where are you from?"


"Show your face."


"Where did you meet?"


So many questions were being yelled at me as Justin pulled me into the bus and closed the door.


"Is that was you have to deal with everyday?" I asked.


"Pretty much." 


"How are you not blind?"


"You get used to it." He said. I nodded my head. He laid down on the bed and I did the same. We fell asleep for the rest of the night together.

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