Latin Girl

About a girl named rosemary who has been Justin's friend since they were born. She has had a crush on him since she was 10, but he never noticed. After a year without seeing each other spark something? Or will she go unnoticed again? Read and I guarantee you will love it


2. Is that you Justin?


•chapter 1•


"Rose wake up. Rose. Rosemary." I hear a voice but I don't recognize it much. "Rose." then I recognize it.


"Justin?" I ask as I open my eyes. Then I see him. He laughed .


"Who else?" Then I start to see clearly. I'm in my hotel room and Justin is waking me up, then I scream.


"Oh my gosh! Justin!" I jump up and hug him, " it's been so long."


He hugs me back and says "I can tell you miss me by your hug."


"Of course I do!" I said, but in my head I was saying *I have a major crush on you, how can't I not miss you?*.


He hugged me tighter than usual. 


"Rose, you look different."


I chuckled "How?"


"You don't look like a little kid anymore," Justin said, he looked like he was checking me out, " except your hair, it's a mess." Then he did that signature swoosh with his hair.


"At least I don't flip it every 5 minutes like you!" I laughed. I missed this. When we were able to talk. 


He sighed "Same old Rose."


"Yup" I muttered.


"Get up and change I'm buying you and your mom, who surprisingly hasn't woken up yet, breakfast"


"Alright" I said as he was leaving the room. Oh god he was dead on gorgeous.


I got up, took a long shower thinking of the day I was going to be spending with him. After, I woke my mom, curled my hair, got dressed then did my makeup. I don't wear much just powder, mascara and eye liner. Then Justin picked me up from my hotel room. 


"Wow you look nice." He said. 


"How? I'm wearing jeans, sneakers, a shirt, and a hat like a normal person."


"But you make it look nicer." 


"Oh," I said "thanks". But I was really thinking *finally he is noticing me*


"Mhmm." he muttered. After my mom was ready, we left. As we were walking down the street, he switched hats with me and smiled that jaw-dropping smile of his. *Keep it together Rose, he is famous. Never gonna happen, you guys aren't ever gonna be together. Ever.*


"What are you thinking about?" He asked me suddenly, interrupting my thoughts. 


"You know, a lot of things."


"Well no need to stress out when your with me, shawty." He smiled. I just nodded my head and continued to walk into the restaurant with Justin's hat on. He flipped his hair, again.


"Hey Mario! I need a table for three!" Justin yelled.


"¡Si mi señor!" He screamed back.


*Translation:Yes my sir!*


"Seriously Justin. Mexican food for breakfast?"


He smiled then said "What? You can't go wrong with tacos at 10 in the morning. Besides, you can't get a table at a good restaurant. C'mon Rose. We aren't at home anymore. We're at the Big Apple!" His eyes grew with amazement when he said 'Big Apple'. 


"Hi I'm Carmen. I'll be your server for today. Can I have drinks first?"


"Orange juice please." Justin said.


"Apple please." I replied


"Mhmm. And you ma'am?" Refereeing to my mom.


"Black coffee please."


"Will that be all?" She asked.


"Yes." My mother said. "Ok. You two stay here" my mother said, "I'll be in the washroom." She got up and we both nodded.


"So what's new?" He asked.


"Nothing" I responded while our drinks came. I took a sip.


"Still have that crush on me?" He asked. I choked, but didn't spit. I started coughing. "Are you okay?"


"Yeah I'm fine but how did yo-"


"I've known for 5 years." He said, "Just never mentioned it"


"Why?" I asked


"I never liked you."





"Until now." He said with a smile.

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