Latin Girl

About a girl named rosemary who has been Justin's friend since they were born. She has had a crush on him since she was 10, but he never noticed. After a year without seeing each other spark something? Or will she go unnoticed again? Read and I guarantee you will love it


15. A boy or girl? It's a...

guess what? im back. I promised you guys a long chapter 14 so here it is. hope you like it and comment and what you WANT TO SEE NEXT

•chapter 14•

"Ready than I'll ever be." I smiled. Then we walked in the room and I sat on the chair and waited for the doctor.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Brianna Lopez. I will be your doctor for the rest of the pregnancy." She said.

"Okay. Can we please hurry up, I'm really excited to find out today." I smiled at her.

"Alrighty then. I need you to lay down while I put this gel on your stomach so we can do this ultra sound. Is that fine?"

"Yes." I replied as Justin helped me lay down. I hate being big becuase I can't do simple things now without Justin helping me. I'm so glad he's here. 

Dr. Lopez pulled up my shirt and put the gel on my stomach. I'm not going to lie, that thing was cold and gave me goose bumps all over. She then grabbed this tool, I don't know what it's called, and rubbed it all over my stomach to find the baby. Then she got it. She looked at the screen for a while, which concerned Justin.

'So?" Justin asked. He was so eager to find out. If we had a boy, he would protect his younger siblings and Justin will teach him a bounch of sports. If we had a girl, Justin will be over protect of her and she will be daddy's little girl. Just her little smile will melt his heart, just like Jazzy whenever she smiled at Justin. He is going to be a good dad either way. I looked over at Justin, who was smiling from ear to ear. He grabbed my hand as I grabbed his back.

"Congratulations, it's a girl." The doctor said. As I didn't think Justin could get any happier, he did. He smiled while his eyes glowed. Then he flipped his hair. I can picture Justin being such a great father with our little girl. He is going to be so stressed out in her teen years though, making sure no boys will be going after her. "I'm going to give you guys a few minutes alone." She said as she walked out of the room. Then Justin turned to me and smiled that 'Bieber smile'.

"I'm so happy, babe. I can't wait until she comes. I love her already. And I love you." Then he touched my stomach as he leaned down to kiss me. "I love you."

"I love you, too." I smiled. "Can you show your love and help me sit up, please?"

"Anything for you, shawty." He then helped me to sit up and the doctor came in.

"We will have the next appointment in 4 weeks just to see how she is doing by then, alright?" We both nodded. She walked out of the office, and so did we. Justin was still smiling as he held my hand.

"I can't wait for her to be born so we start our family already."

"Easy for you to say. You're not the one who's pushing a baby out of her own body." I joked.

"I'll be next to you holding your hand. I promised your dad, you, and myself I will never leave." He looked in my eyes. We continued walking out of the clinic when about 20 paparazzi started flashing us and asking questions.

"Boy or girl?"

"Are you guys nervous?"

"What are the names?"

"Are you keeping the baby?

"How do you feel?"

"Are you guys going to stay together?"

"Twins or single?"

"We are having a girl," Justin said, "she is healthy and we don't have any names yet. But of course we are nervous. All parents are with their first child."

"How do you feel Rose?"

"Nervous, but Justin and I are going to get through it." I answered. Then Pattie pulled up with the car. Justin and I quickly got in the car before we had to answer too much questions and the whole story ends up being wrong. She quickly drove off before any annoying paparazzi get in front of the car.

"So how was it?" She asked.

"It's a girl." I said.

"That's great. We have to start thinking of names." Pattie said.

"We need something we can say in both English and Spanish. For Rose's family." Justin suggested.

"How about Alicia?" I asked. (uh-lee-see-uh)

"I love it." Justin said as he grabbed my hand and kissed me on the cheeck. He told me I have very 'kissable cheecks'. I think he just likes to kiss things.

"So do I." Pattie agreed. She is so supporting, and that's why I love her.

"But I have one condition."


"Anything." Justin (2nd) and Pattie (1st) said at the same time.

"I want her to be born here. I want her to be a citizen in the States."

"I agree. But, we still have to teach her French since my parents mostly speak that languge." Pattie said.

"Of course." I responded. Then I pulled out my phone.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked. He is always so curious.

"Caliing my mom and then my dad."

"Alright." Justin said. I started to call my mom, but it went to voicemail.

"Hey mom. It's a girl and we are naming her Alicia. Call me back as soon as you can. Umm, okay bye love you." I hung up.

"She didn't answer?" Justin said.

"No, she's probably busy planning the wedding."

"When is it?"

"After she is born so I can fit in my Maid of Honor dress."

"I see." He flipped his hair. He didn't get the concept of weddings. I started to call my dad and I let it ring.

"Hello?" My dad answered.

"Hey dad."

"What's happening?"

"She's a girl, dad."

"That's good. Do you know her name yet?"


"That's an intresting name. Baby, I love you, but I got to go. Bye." Then he hung up.

"Whats wrong?" Justin asked. He can tell when I'm annoyed.

"He hung up on me."

"Oh." He said as we pulled into the driveway. Justin helped me out.


"Babe!" Justin called from upstairs. I was sitting on the couch watching 'Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's chest' 

"What?" I asked as he walked downstairs.

"Hi." He smiled and pulled my legs off so he can sit down, then he put my legs back on his lap.

"You're annoying. I'm trying to watch a movie."

"No hi?" He said with a puppy face.

"No." I smiled.

"Why not?"

"I'm trying to watch a movie."

"Love me. I need attention." He replied trying to get under my skin.

"Hug this pillow.' I said as i threw the pillow at his face.

"Hey, easy now. No need to get mad at the hair." He flipped it.

"Please, it takes 5 minutes to do your hair. Mine takes an hour."

"It's becuase you choose to straighten it. Mine is natural."

"You're mean." I pouted. I knew I would get my way.

"I'm sorry." He said as he pecked my lips, his are so soft and perfect.

"It's ok. But if you were really sorry, you would get up and get me some chocolate icecream."

"Fine." He got up, kissed my forehead and walked his way to the kitchen. I love that white boy from Canada. I'm the light tan one from Canada. A few minutes later, he came with my ice cream and we watches the movie.



"I'm going to bed. Are you coming?"

"Yea." Then he helped me up.


'Mommy where's daddy?'

'I don't know Alicia.'

'Can i go find him?'

'No, he's busy with work.'

'When is he coming?'

'One day he will.'

I woke up. It was just a dream, no a nightmare. But I know Justin is never going to leave us, he promised. I woke Justin up.

"What's wrong?"

"You're never leaving right?"

"No, why?"

"I had a dream."

"Rose, it was just a dream. Now please go to sleep it's 2. I have to be at the studio by 7."

"Alright love you."

"Love you too, Rose." Then he snored back to sleep.

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