Am I Beautiful Yet?

Anorexia, something that effects 1 in 10 people. But not Taylor Hope. Well, not to her anyway. Laughed at by Sarah and her troop of barbies, Taylor has no-one to confined to except her new Diary.

But then he arrives in town.


18. February 27 (again)


The doctor glares at me. Pushing up his glasses, he announces,


"Taylor, you may think whatever you want, but it is fairly obvious you have a problem. Your parents have agreed to not only put you in too see a therapist, but also a health assistant."

He hisses the last few words as if it was a deadly illness.


"Then I don't know what will convinse you."

With that he walks out of the room, the door almost slamming.


Sighing, I get out my diary, but before I can open it up, Nurse ray slips though the slanted door, her voice, even though quiet, still, has a touch of sadness in it.


"You will start therapy Monday at 2 PM sharp. Don't wonder."

She then leaves the room.


I cautiously wait a few seconds in case yet another doctor arrives, but none come. Finally, I open my diary. Once I finish writing, I fall asleep, curling up into a ball.



Dear Diary...


I may reconsider not having a problem.


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