Am I Beautiful Yet?

Anorexia, something that effects 1 in 10 people. But not Taylor Hope. Well, not to her anyway. Laughed at by Sarah and her troop of barbies, Taylor has no-one to confined to except her new Diary.

But then he arrives in town.


17. February 27 (again)


Dear Diary...


Wow. So much has happened since the last entry. Right now, I'm in a hospital bed, with a freaking drip hanging onto my arm. Please please PLEASE, dont freak out. Nothing life-traumatizing (yet!)


So what happened was:


When I arrived at Finn's place, I sorta blacked out. Everyone freaked out, thinking I had died or whatnot. I was in a coma/sleep for nine hours, (still tired though) but now yay hurrah, I'm awake. The headache I had earlier was because I was extremely dehydrated. Apparently my body couldn't take it and temporarily quit on me. Normally I always drink water, (helps with my metabolism to lose weight) But lately I've been drinking less cause I saw this add about un-known calories in water. I flipped, and stopped drinking. Now in the hospital, the doctors are taking tons of random tests. The worst part, nobody is telling me what's going on. Everyones giving me sad looks, and when Joy came in to visit me, she bursted into tears. I'm betting my money on cancer or something. 




Someone knock's at my ward door, and I pull my diary away from human eyes. The overly-large nurse, nurse Sunny, enters the room. A grave look on her face. She opens her mouth, then shakes her head, the unspoken words creeping me out. Sitting on the hospital bed, the springs groan in protest.  


"So, Taylor." Her tone seems strong, yet I could hear a slight sadness in her loud voice.


"The docs have run a few tests, well, more than a few, you know how they are. Always double checking!" She gives me a small smile, then goes back to her sad expression.


"And darlin, as well as extreme dehydration, we discovered you have anorexia nervosa." Pausing, she grabbed my chubby arm.


"But it's ridiculous they didn't realize before, you're skin and bones girl!" She stands up, but before she leaves the room she says,


"Doctor Yip will come with your diagnosis, but you will be staying here for a... While." With that she leaves the room. Not soon after, a middle aged asian man enters the room, his hair slicked back, small spectacles covering his eyes.

"Hi, you must me Taylor Green, I'm Doctor Yip."


"Please excuse Nurse Sunny, she has been feeling very down lately, and alas she may have been taking it out on the patients..." He pushes his spectacles up his nose, sighing.


"Anyway. As the Nurse said, yes, you... You have Anorexia nervosa. Hopefully you understand what it is." 

I nod slowly. But I still feel confused. You get anorexia when you become too skinny. I'm the oposite of that. Large. Obese. Pudgy. Fat.

"Taylor, there are thousands of girls your age with the same situation, and so the hospital has devised a systen to cure them. Although." He pauses dramatically.


"It does not work for everyone. You need to put in effort to help cure yourself, maybe even gain some weight."

I stare at the doctor, something twisting at my heart.


"Im. Not. Anorexic."

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