Am I Beautiful Yet?

Anorexia, something that effects 1 in 10 people. But not Taylor Hope. Well, not to her anyway. Laughed at by Sarah and her troop of barbies, Taylor has no-one to confined to except her new Diary.

But then he arrives in town.


12. February 24



No more. No more of this Dear Diary stuff. I am DONE. Done with everything. This is probably going to be the last time I write in this... THING, because I am done. 


She asked him.




Of course you, diary of mine, have figured out it was Finn Logan who got asked, and Sarah who asked.

The scene replays in my mind over and over and over like a broken record, no way of stopping. Ever. 

Finn and I were eating lunch, chatting about some thing (I cant, and dont, want to remember what we were talking about) And then SHE struts up to us, with her perfectly curled hair and bubblegum lips gloss.



She sat down next to Finn, practically sitting on his lap. Giving him one of her perfect "I'm too perfect to hang out with you so be grateful" smiles.


"So hay Finn, as you know, um well." She grinned her perfect grin again, but you could see she was getting flustered. The cafeteria was eerily quiet, everyone watching us three as if we were on Animal Planet.


"The Masked ball is in a week, and I'm alone, SO I was wondering if you wanted to go with me!" She curled up to him, her huge beady eyes staring at him intensely.


As her sickly words processed through my brain, my heart thumped, so loud I was scared that someone would yell at me to be quiet. 


Finn Logan was speechless, not saying anything, just staring at Sarahs pretty face.


"Umm, I... I guess then."


The surge of cheers almost broke me. I rushed out of the cafeteria, desperate to be left alone. I kept my gaze off the new love-birds. But seriously, I feel like I was the only one that did. By the end of the day, A new "Firah" had emerged.




I close the cover of my diary, curling in a ball on my large bed. Sobbing my heart out.


A knock on the door startleed me.


"Taylor Hope... Dinner time. Come down now please."




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