Am I Beautiful Yet?

Anorexia, something that effects 1 in 10 people. But not Taylor Hope. Well, not to her anyway. Laughed at by Sarah and her troop of barbies, Taylor has no-one to confined to except her new Diary.

But then he arrives in town.


7. February 21


Dear Diary...

I haven't been writing in this thing lately, to put it simply... Nothing happened. At all. Well nothing interesting that is ACTUALLY worth writing down.


Until today.


So flyers came out for the high school function today... The theme is Medieval times (original right) So we have to dress in these poofy dresses with masks... Lovely. I'm not going to go, I have no friends to go with, and I HIGHLY doubt I will ask anyone.

Plot twist, it's a girl-ask-guy prom. 


Knowing Sarah, this is an evil scheme for her to ask Finn. And unfortunatly, I would bet anything that its going to work.

In other news, the haven of death, (Also known as school) Lunch has become more bearable. Finn Logan sits with me now, and we have conversations. Which is nice compared to doing nothing, alone. Waiting for the lunch bell to end. Although one factor is bad. The food. Finn eats A LOT. AND each lunch he comments on my (not) eating habits. He even had the nerve to ask my calorie intake for the day.  


(Well actually I DID tell him, I mean he has those amazing gray-blue eyes, and you can't stare at them without feeling extremely guilty.) 

In OTHER other news, Joy is starting to suspect me not eating.

God Taylor, eat up SOMETHING you're so anorexic, seriously. Even though she didn't mean I was anorexic, I blushed bright pink, as if she figured out what I was trying to be. Fabulous.

As usual, though, I deny, say "I just need to lose some pounds, I'm to fat." Have her stare at me weird, then both of us continue with our daily lives. Simplicity at it's finest.



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