Am I Beautiful Yet?

Anorexia, something that effects 1 in 10 people. But not Taylor Hope. Well, not to her anyway. Laughed at by Sarah and her troop of barbies, Taylor has no-one to confined to except her new Diary.

But then he arrives in town.


6. February 17 (Again)


Dear Diary...


I will definitely have to make this post fast, but something amazingthatwillneverhappenagain happened. And, oh Diary of mine, when something amazingthatwillneverhappenagain happens, you better damn well write about it. So, the amazingthatwillneverhappenagain thing was, someone chose me over Sarah. Someone chose flabby, low self esteem, ugly me, over pretty, smart, Forever 21 Sarah. Even I WOULD choose Sarah over me. AND the person who chose me was not a greasy, pimply dork who lives of Mountain dew, but gorgeous Finn Logan. 

I need to go I have around ten seconds until my bathroom-pass expires.



I quickly step out the bathroom door, it swinging loudly, the squeaking echoing through the some-what empty corridor. Class has around ten minutes left, but Mr. Tucker is extremely unforgiving if you skip ANY class, excuses or not. Shuffling into the classroom, the teacher stops talking, milking my entrance as much as possible. 


"Well, Miss Green, did you... enjoy your little break?" A sneer curled upon Mr Tuckers lips, stroking his stubbly chin. The class titters nervously, not sure how to react.


"As I was saying to the class, before you... rudely. Interrupted me, the homework tonight is to write a 600 word essay about how the system of a plant is better organized that the average household." The class groans loudly, then Mr Tucker yells at me,


"Miss green, what is the process called when a plant converts sunlight into energy?"

I stare at him with wide eye's, to shocked to understand the question.


"I see... You will ALSO, Miss Green, do page 144 to 156 from our science book." Heart dropping like a stone, the bell rings, signaling lunch. Ugh. Trudging to my locker, I put everything back into it, except my science workbook and notebook. 


Lunch time equals homework time in Taylor world.


I the cafeteria, I start scribbling down meaningless answers into my notebook...


"Ah! A science junky as well as a reader, Taylor Hope you have so many sides to you!" His voice making me just the second time today, I see his perfect smile staring at me. He waves his hands at his lunch. A typical burger, and greasy chips, dripping with fat. Last night's dinner hits me like a baseball bat, making me feel sick to the stomach.

"Want some?" I point a finger gun to my head, pretending to kill myself.

"I'm not a big fan of... Food." I mumbled as I make notes.


"Of course you're not." Finn's voice dropping. He grabbed my arm, putting his fingers around my wrist.

"How often do you eat?" His hushed voice giving me goosebumps.

"I... I, I don't know." I rubb my face, trying to end the conversation. 

"Finn, if... if your trying to imply I'm anorexic, you are wrong. I just need to... loose some weight." I gave him a halfhearted smile, getting back onto my homework. His laugh though, caught me out of nowhere. 

"What weight?" I felt shocked. Did nobody see the how im-perfect I was? I would never look like those perfect models with the perfect bodys. But I could, if, if I loosed some weight! I stare at Finn Logan, and he stares at me, the conversation trickling to an end. But nope, then it dosen't.


Finn: So how often do you eat?

Me: Um, I dont know, around four times a...

Finn: Don't you dare say a week. 

Me: ... Four times every seven days.

Finn *dying whale noise*

Me: Nice.


I smiled at him again, but Finn looked too depressed to cheer up. 

Me: Look, I eat... somewhat... big meals?

Finn: Sure you do Taylor Hope.

Me: Please don't be angry at me *at this point I'm pretty close to tears*

Finn: *does stupid sad face* Sorry, lets talk about something else.

Suddenly a new factor with blonde curls and bubblegum lipgloss arrives.

Sarah: Hey Finn! Look, so like, I was wondering... In a few weeks we have this school function, and I'm the one coordinating it, and like, I need an assistant, I hoped...

Finn: Of course! There are a ton of awesome people that probably need this, and of course I'll help you find them!

I breathed out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding in, I give Sarah a wide grin as I exclaim,


"Finn is a little busy right now Sarah, if you will excuse us?" 

I want to yell in triumph, but unfortunately, I can't. I will have to write it in my diary later.


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