I'm Not

A girl named Annabella didn't get her letter, her twin got one but not her. In addition her best friend and cousin got one, he was muggle-born. She is mad! What will happen will she explode, or does she really had magic? -completed-


2. September 1st

We went to platform 9 3/4 today. I was all the kids getting on the train and felt mad. Al was getting on that train, the train he didn't even know existed two months ago. He was in my place. I should have bin on the Hogwarts Express. They were off to Hogwarts and I was going to Smellings school.It was the best muggle school but I didn't care I wanted to be going to Hogwarts. I was so full of rage that I snapped to Annie. Later I felt sorry so I sent her an owl.

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