I'm Not

A girl named Annabella didn't get her letter, her twin got one but not her. In addition her best friend and cousin got one, he was muggle-born. She is mad! What will happen will she explode, or does she really had magic? -completed-


3. School

I was to go to Smellings in the a few days, and felt a lot better and less angry. Every day I would write to Annie and Alindy, telling them how much I missed them and so on. 

Dear Annabella, 

We miss you so much. Hogwarts would be so much better with you. We both are in Ravenclaw, and have made some friends. Harry Potter is in our year, and we have a few classes with him. He is really nice. 

Miss you so much,

Lots of Love,

Alindy and Annie 

When I got this last letter I couldn't help but smile, I felt sad but happy. 

On the first day of school I couldn't keep my mind on school. It was so unfair that they both got to go to Hogwarts yet I didn't. Nevertheless,i did sort of begin a friendship with a few people.A boy named Dudley Dursley is in my Geography class.I also made friend with two extremely perky girls named Kayla Haddington and Georgia Clark.Kayla has flaming red hair,and Georgia is a blonde.

Their bright,cheerful voices seem to constantly make me want to scream in frustration. Anyways my first day went alright, considering it was a muggle school and not Hogwarts.


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