I'm Not

A girl named Annabella didn't get her letter, her twin got one but not her. In addition her best friend and cousin got one, he was muggle-born. She is mad! What will happen will she explode, or does she really had magic? -completed-


8. Mother and Ravenclaw

The 5 of us were always together. Most of the boys thought Alindy was lucky to have 4 girls with him at most times.

Dear Aunt Maggie,

I know, I know that you are not my aunt but my mother. I know who my father is. All I want to say is why. Why did you give me to Aunt Olivia? Why did you lie to me? Why did you get involved with him?


Dear Annabella,

I'm sorry, I gave you to my sister because she was and is more capable to take care of a child. I was only 19 and want married when you were born. It just happened that Olivia's husband was a wizard. He forst me. I didn't want to, but he made me. I only want the best for you and hope you can forgive me.


Your mother

I was crying by the lake. "Bella, what's wrong?" It was Alindy he was the only one that called me Bella. I stuck the letter in his face not caring that I was being rude.

"We need to go to Dumbledore, he'll know what to do." Alindy was trying to smile.

"Annabella, I think it is fit that you try on the Sorting Hat again." Dumbledore was passing his office as he spook.

'Well let's see, your brave, kind and loyal, very smart to, aw but I don't know with that Father of yours. Your difficult. Let me think.'Ravenclaw Ravenclaw I was thinking. 'If it is Ravenclaw you want RAVENCLAW.' My school uniform changed from green to blue.

"Now you will be with me, Alindy, and Padma!" Annie was talking so fast I could barely under stand her.


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