I'm Not

A girl named Annabella didn't get her letter, her twin got one but not her. In addition her best friend and cousin got one, he was muggle-born. She is mad! What will happen will she explode, or does she really had magic? -completed-


10. I'm not

All I know is that I am not evil, I am not the daughter of Olivia and Ben Carpenter, and I am special!

My father is somewhere out there. I will face him one day. For now I will try to live my life as normal.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Harry Potter fought Qurail!" Annie's voice was ringing in my ears, I had a headache.

"And" I replied.

After looking to see who was around Annie answered," your father was on the back of Qurail's head."

I smiled. My father was gone this time. I was safe, or so I thought. Later ,after May second 1998, i know I was really safe, but I was young then. I am the daughter of Voldemort and I am not EVIL.

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