I'm Not

A girl named Annabella didn't get her letter, her twin got one but not her. In addition her best friend and cousin got one, he was muggle-born. She is mad! What will happen will she explode, or does she really had magic? -completed-


6. Hogwarts

I hugged mom and dad good-bye, then stepped into the fire place, and said Hogwarts.

" your here!! " Annie was so happy that she started to squeeze me. " We must go to Mcgonnagal to get you sorted."

' Hum, your hard, pure blood, good mind, loyal brave, so hard.' ' Not Hufflepuff, I'm a Ravenclaw,' I was thinking this and hoping. ' SLITHERIN' this the Hat said aloud.

When I got to the common room every one looked at me funny, maybe because of Annie every must have seen her around.

I shared a dorm with some HORRIBLE girls. Pansy, and the others wouldn't leave me alone, wanting to know why I just came to Hogwarts and not at start of term like the rest of the kids.

I had most of my lessons with Gryffindor and spent most of my time in the library or outside with Annie and Alindy. They introduced me to two girls named Padma and Parvati, who were twins.

Hogwarts was amazing! I caught up on my lessons fast and easily. I turned out to be very good at magic. Through all of this I still had a feeling that there was something wrong with me.

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