Small Bump

Little blessings that can bring people together.. or sometimes tear apart.
I'm Rosalina. 17 years old. I live in London, England, with my boyfriend, Liam.
We've been dating for 4 almost 5 years now, and I couldn't be more in love.
I work at a clothing store, while Liam works as a singer at a local club.
I know Liam wants to be a singer, which is why he auditioned for the X Factor when they came over to our town.
But when I find out I'm going to be a mum, and that Liam will be a dad, what will this do?
I mean, we can work through this, right?


1. Prologue

           I stood there, anxious to see what my future would be like. If it was a positive, I'd be carrying Liam's baby. If it was a negative, well I'd be carrying his baby after we were married and more secure as a couple. I had to urinate on a plastic stick that would determine not only my future, but Liam and our family and friend's futures as well. Liam was off at another show for The X Factor UK, and I was at our London flat, all alone. If I was pregnant, who would I tell? I'm only a teenage girl. My mum would be so disappointed. My dad, well he would never know because the bastard left my mum and my sisters and I when we were younger, leaving my mum and us struggling to survive. We made it though, thanks to my mum's strength and hope. It was two minutes later, so I assumed that the test had an answer by now. I walked into our en suite, and looked at the plastic test. A positive sign. I gasped. How would my mum react? She was a teen mum, and surely didn't want us girls to grow up to be one as well. And Liam, goodness Liam would be in a rough spot because he'd be on The X Factor as a singer to be coming home as a father. And me, my body is being shared with a small baby. My baby. I rubbed my stomach.


Pregnancy test can be false, as in that positive can surely be a negative, right?

I decided to call up Allison, my sister, to see if she'd take me to the doctor's. I grabbed my phone, dialing her number before clicking the small green phone image that would let me attempt to talk to her.

I waited patiently, hands shaking as I paced around.


I stood there, before hearing Allison's familiar and comforting voice.

"Hey Ally, um I have a question." I said, as a warm salty tear went streaming down my cheek.

"Sure Rosie, what's up?" She said in that sweet toned voice of hers.

"Can you possibly take me to the doctor's today or sometime soon? Please?" My voice trembled as I tried to clearly speak each word. She paused for a slight moment, then began to speak again.

"Sure! What time? I could come now." She said.
"Sure." I whispered hoarsely. Ally wouldn't be happy that her sister was possibly pregnant at the age of 17. She said she'd be here in 15 minutes sharp, which gave me the advantage of being able to get dressed before she arrived.

I walked into Liam and I's room, opening up my closet. We had those 'His and Hers' closets, which was perfect for us. I grabbed my white sundress, and light jacket. I slipped into my black combat boots, and put my hair up into a messy bun. I threw on a bit of makeup, and I grabbed my purse. I waited out in our living room when I heard my phone buzz.

New text from: Allison(:

Guess who's parked outside you and Liam's flat?! Meeee, aka the best sister EVER :)

Lol get ur ass out here, Rosie! Luv ya! xx (;

I laughed at my sister's nonsense, and headed outside.

I was greeted by my sister waving to me, yelling "Hey sistaaa!" which caused a bit of a scene. I hopped into her small red vehicle, before buckling up as she drove off.

"So Rosie, why do you have to go to the doctor's all of a sudden?" She asked, placing her shades up onto the top of her ginger hair filled head.

"Well, me and Liam, we uh.. we got intimate, and I uh, I think I might be ... pregnant." I said, waiting for her over emotional reaction.

"Rosie, if you are I swear it better not play out like it did with Jeff and I." She said fiercely.

Jeff was Allison's ex boyfriend, who she had her baby with. My sister ended up having a baby boy, whom she named Ayden. He's a cutie, at the age of 3. Jeff stayed with Ally for 3 months, knocked her up, and left after he found out she'd be carrying a child, HIS child, for the next nine months.

"Allison, you slut! That is NOT my child, you probably conceived him when you slept around with those other guys. Don't say that I helped make that baby, because it wasn't me." I remember him yelling to her. She cried, speechless and unsure of what to say, before Georgia, my other sister, said, "Jeff, she isn't a slut, she has only had sex with one man- no not even a man- with one immature, ignorant bastard who is too fucking stupid, selfish, ignorant, and self-absorbed to realize that it takes TWO to tango. You got what you want from my sister, fucking her, knocking her up, and then verbally abusing her. Fuck off, you prick! Leave my sisters' and I A LO N E. And our mum, and the unborn baby! You don't deserve her or this baby. You deserve not one piece, not even a small crumb, of this happiness. Ally can raise this baby on her own, with the help of Rosie and our mum and I. No man, just us women. Buh-bye, you big arse!" She really told him, huh? It's kind of crazy, though. How NO man has ever really supported our family of women. Just our mum, God bless her.

"Ally, I can't determine how it will be. I mean, Liam is going off, singing on The X Factor. What if his music career becomes something? There's a lot that can happen." I said, trying to be more realistic. We sat in complete silence, before arriving at the doctor's office. Ally parked in the closest spot, and turned off the engine.

"You ready?" She asked. I nodded, unbuckled myself, and got out. I sighed, and walked into the building.

"Hello, welcome to..." the woman sitting behind the from said nicely. I wasn't paying attention, as I was staring at a young baby with it's mum, when Ally nudged me.

Ma'am, you need to sign in, please. Then take a seat." She said. I grabbed a pen and scribbled my name down, then sat it back down and proceeded to take a seat.

    This wasn't my ideal place to be on this very day. Sitting in hard, cheap plastic seats in a small room where young children ran around, while the sound of newborn infants cried out to their mum, who had the look of an overstressed women loosing her patience. Would that be me in a few months? I shook this overwhelming feel off, and began to have small talk with Ally before a woman in pink scrubs came out, blonde hair in a ponytail, holding a wooden clipboard.
"Rosalina?" She said, with a warm but fake cheerful smile. I stood up, and began to walk toward her. She greeted me, taking me through a narrow hallway that opened up into a big area filled with the tools they used, and doors leading to private rooms for the patients. I was weighed and my height was checked, me being 5'7, weighing 113lbs. I was taken to a room, where my heart beat was checked, as well as my throat and ears and temperature. I was asked why I'm here, and we went through this whole process leading to me pissing into a small, clear plastic cup. I slid the cup into the small cubby hole that is in the wall, washed my hands, and headed back to the room. I waited and waited, fiddling with my hair, my dress, shoes, the bed, anything I could mess with. Finally the results came.

"Rosalina.." They said. I listened to them, and I nodded. I signed out, and Ally and I left. We got into her car, buckling up, and sitting in silence the whole way home. We talked about this, the results, until we finally got back to me and Liam's flat. I walked inside, to see Liam already home. Shit... did I get rid of the pregnancy test? I kissed him, and proceeded to tell him I had to use the restroom. I threw my phone and bag on our bed, and shut and locked the bathroom door with me inside of it. It was gone. I didn't know if I got rid of it or if Liam did.

Liam. Oh my god, what would he do? He'd just assume the test is accurate! I didn't need him thinking I'm having a baby. I rummaged through my trash can, and found it. Thank god, he didn't see it. I threw it into the bottom, and covered it up. I flushed the toilet, making him believe that I did use the restroom. I washed off my hands, and walked into the bedroom, taking off my dress and jacket, slipping into sweat pants and a Nirvana crop top. Liam and I talked for a bit, me simply telling him I was with Ally for a bit, and that we went out for lunch. He actually bought it. I mean, there is NO way I am telling him I went to the doctor's office to get a pregnancy test done. And there is absolutely no way I'm going to tell him I am carrying his baby.

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