The Truth About Jayde's Island

Jayde was a normal girl, well she thought so when she looked at her mother and father. They where nether wealthy nor pour. Nether starving nor so much food they trow away a single scrap. On Jayde's 18th birthday her parents take her to an island. Instantly she feels a connection to the island. At the end of their trip her parents tell her that this island is hers, that her real parents should be here somewhere- they adopted her when her parents could hardly fill their mouths once a week. They gave her the choice. Stay on her island, or leave the island, go to where she was raised and never return.. Will Jayde return or stay? Will Jayde find her real parents? Why is this island named after her? Why can't she return if she leaves? These are all questions that can be answered but only if you read "The Truth About Jayde's Island"


1. Will be starting soon!!!

Hello all, I know you where expecting the first chapter. I am sorry, I just wanted to get this out and let you all know that I am serous about posting these if that is what is holding all of you back from commenting that you wanted an imagine with you in it ---- and I will be posting this on all the others.. Sorry if I got your hopes up. I hope you all stick around for the first official chapter to come up soon.

Thanks guys I love you all.

Callie xox

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