Unknown Identity

A 17 year old boy appeared by a crater and had forgotten everything about his past although he knew the humane things ( English language etc.) and formed a friendship between a guy named Johnny and a love with Johnny's little sister's bestfriend. He starts having blackout at any random time. It's when they go to a funeral of a boy that may have been him that he finds out about who he was.


5. The First Blackout

“Hey daddy!” Bree walked in followed closely by Paige. Bree gave her father a tight squeeze and sat down two seats away from me at the bench and grabbed a plate and a piece of toast with jam and butter on it. Paige sat down in between us. She carried a different scent to yesterdays, soap and warmth. She looked at me," Hi DJ". She remembered my name! I dropped my butter knife I was holding on the ground. She smiled. I went red and picked up the knife. I took a bite of my jam toast. She laughed at me, “you have a moustache". "So I do", I laughed. She looked down. I felt something I had never felt before, lurch inside me. My eyes closed and I saw a car coming toward me. It was so close, I could almost touch it. I reached out to it and started running to get it- "wake up, DJ, Dj wake up." I opened my eyes. At first it was blurry then I saw Johnny's father. He was shaking me. Paige was leaning over him tears running down her face. Johnny came in view, "DJ, what happened man? You're red as a tomato and you're tensing. Snap out of it." I sat up. I didn't remember laying on the floor. "What happened?" I asked. Jaquan answered my question, "You closed your eyes and you fell off your chair and you were reaching at nothing in particular. And kicking the floor. You were out for a minute. We thought you were having a fit or spazzing out. It was strange. Are you all right?". "Never better, I fell normal like I did yesterday and two minutes ago. I don't need to go to the hospital, really I'm fine", I answered. "I don't trust you, but we better get going," Johnny interrupted. "Dad can DJ borrow your smaller suit?" Johnny asked. "Sure," Jaquan answered.

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