Unknown Identity

A 17 year old boy appeared by a crater and had forgotten everything about his past although he knew the humane things ( English language etc.) and formed a friendship between a guy named Johnny and a love with Johnny's little sister's bestfriend. He starts having blackout at any random time. It's when they go to a funeral of a boy that may have been him that he finds out about who he was.


3. The dream

A blinding light shone through my fingers. It wouldn’t go away then I saw a car coming at full speed toward me. It was centimetres away when-
“DJ, come on get up, wake up,” Johnny was shaking me trying to wake me up. The light I had seen had come through the windows. “You need to get up, we’re going to a funeral today, my mum’s friend’s son died and we’re going to his funeral today. Come on we’ll be late,” He pulled me up and dropped me on the floor. “Okay I’m up what’s the time?” I asked. “It’s nine fifteen, it starts at ten o’clock so we need to hurry,” he rushed. Johnny ran around the room grabbing a sock, a singlet, a tie and two shoes. “Wait, where’s my other shoe?” I sat up from my place on the ground in a heap. I opened my eyes properly and looked around. “On the lamp,” I pointed to a lamp. “Oh thanks, ha. Just in a hurry. You can borrow my suit or, you can probably borrow my dad’s smaller suit. You should fit, you look like you’d fit anyway,” Johnny raised his voice as he went in the bathroom next to his room through a door that connected to it. “You should meet him, he came home last night from New Zealand. He is a scientist, he works in biology. My mum as you already know works in Kinesics which is looking at body language; facial expressions and gestures,” Johnny explained. He walked out with his hair tied back, his shirt not tucked in and half his buttons not done up. “How do I look?”

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