Unknown Identity

A 17 year old boy appeared by a crater and had forgotten everything about his past although he knew the humane things ( English language etc.) and formed a friendship between a guy named Johnny and a love with Johnny's little sister's bestfriend. He starts having blackout at any random time. It's when they go to a funeral of a boy that may have been him that he finds out about who he was.


4. Meeting Jaquan

I walked down the hall and was jumped on by a very tall, bulk, black African man. He opened my mouth a bit and swabbed under my tongue with a thin device. He then pulled it out and walked away. He put the device down and walked over to me with a smile and held his hand out. “Jaquan, it means loving, good spirit, pleased to meet you DJ. Johnny has talked nonstop about you over breakfast. Said you just appeared and there was a crater nearby. So how did you get there? What were you doing before it happened?” He spoke fast. “I don’t know how I got there or what had happened previously-” “Ahh you must have lost your memory. Then how do you speak and know so much? Fascinating,” Jaquan grinned. Then Johnny walked in. “So you’ve already met the big guy. What did he do? Take a sample of your earwax?” then he whispered, “He is embarrassing sometimes”.
Jaquan then exclaimed, “Done. You are about, 17 to 18 years old”, Jaquan confirmed his age. “Hey DJ you and me be about the same age, I’m 17 going on 18,” Johnny laughed. “And what is that”? Jaquan looked closer and put his sample of my saliva under a microscope. “You have colourful cells, what I mean is, they are flashing different colours, like blue, yellow, green, red, purple. How is it doing that?” He stared at my saliva in amazement. “Okay dad, now you’re creeping us out, stop it,” Johnny stopped his father’s work.

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