Unknown Identity

A 17 year old boy appeared by a crater and had forgotten everything about his past although he knew the humane things ( English language etc.) and formed a friendship between a guy named Johnny and a love with Johnny's little sister's bestfriend. He starts having blackout at any random time. It's when they go to a funeral of a boy that may have been him that he finds out about who he was.


7. Another Blackout

“So what is his name?” I asked. “His name is Joey Blake, he was seventeen and a half, he went missing and they have never found his body but the last time they saw him, he was running on an oval of grass and he was gone, like he had transported or something. He was running away from home his parents think,” Johnny frowned. We had been in the four wheel drive for five minutes and Paige hadn't stopped watching me. Her mesmerising eyes were full of wonder. My heart jumped. Then I felt something lurch out of place, like a monster almost free of its binds.
I saw a car, a red four wheel drive, driving slow at first then getting fast and faster I reached for it. It was there I touched it and I flew back, as if a tsunami had captured me in its current.
"DJ wake up" "Don't die" "I don't know CPR" "Someone help" "Come on buddy wake up" "He's alive, someone call triple zero". So many voices. I saw a bright light as I opened my eyes. "I'm fine, stop touching me, I don't need help. I feel terrific, nothing wrong with me." I got up from my seat, only it wasn't a seat, I was laying on materials and concrete. I looked around and saw grass. I crawled there. I stood up and ran into the church where at the other end of the high roofed building I saw a coffin.

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